'Teen Mom' Mackenzie Douthit Drops Cheating Bombshell

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Mackenzie Douthit Josh MckeeYou might want to sit down for this one, Teen Mom fans. Mackenzie Douthit McKee dropped a bomb on us during part two of the Dr. Drew reunion special of Teen Mom 3. Would you believe she and Josh McKee went through a cheating scandal?

Believe it! Because the pregnant Teen Mom let the world in on what was going on off-camera during the first season of the show, and let's just say it's amazing they made it to the altar at all!

It turns out Mackenzie cheated on Josh.

And then to get back at her, Josh had a one-night stand!

At the time of Mackenzie's hook-up, she says she and Josh weren't not together, but Josh wasn't exactly returning her calls either. So she went looking for comfort from someone, and she found it with a guy whom she declined to name. But she did indicate to Dr. Drew in not so many words that there was sex involved.


No wonder things were so tense between her and Josh in the season finale! They had a lot to get past.

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But believe it or not, cheating was far from the only big bombshell of the night. Turns out the reason Josh was such a jerk onscreen all season had a lot to do with his addiction to painkillers!

The Josh we saw last night was like a whole different guy. As Dr. Drew said, he went from saying only a few words the last time the two had met to talking ... like a normal person.

He even put his arm around Mackenzie and planted a passionate kiss on her for the audience -- a far cry from the robotic, distant boyfriend who barely grunted at her all season.

This news actually put the cheating in perspective, big time. It may not have been right, per se, but Mackenzie was put in an untenable position by Josh this season. Between the head trauma he suffered riding broncos and the painkillers he was using to deal with it, he had cut himself off completely from her and from Gannon. Try as she might to break down that wall, there was little she could humanly do to compete with that.

Does Josh's behavior mitigate what Mackenzie did?


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Elaine Cox

gotta love the excuses from the usual stir crew..and of course we ask the question would a man get the same excuses

Eddie... EddiesMama1983

She wasn't in a relationship with him at the time, so I wouldn't say that was cheating. 

nonmember avatar Carrie Sobek

I think if they can get past it then good for them, all those things are very hard to deal with when trying to raise a child, and also both being teens. Her mom needs to be more open minded, I know she has this view of what she wants her daughter to be and what mom don't, but if you try to shadow the reality of life she will be put on the back burner and won't know what is going on with her

Rochelle Allgire

I'm actually surprised it took so long. She kept reaching out over and over. He kept pushing her away, rejecting her, and acting like he didn't give a crap about her. And if they were at a point where he wasn't even returning her calls, as usual, why shouldn't she move on?

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