'Teen Mom 3' Dr. Drew Reunion Turns Into Jerry Springer Special

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Briana DeJesus Devoin AustinIf you missed part one of the Teen Mom 3 reunion special with Dr. Drew, you missed the absolute most dramatic moment of this season! Forget Matt McCann overdosing. Forget Josh McKee losing it on Mackenzie. It turns out when you put Devoin Austin and Briana DeJesus' family in one room, it becomes a Jerry Springer special in the blink of an eye!

The explosion was so big it totally overshadowed Katie Yeager's big news of the night!

As for that -- she and Joey Maes are back together. Or, at least, they were when Dr. Drew got the Teen Mom 3 girls together for a reunion special. In real life, Katie's single once again, so let's call that non-news and get back to the craziness that is Devoin being confronted by the DeJesus women.

Briana is a lucky girl. Unlike some of the other moms we've seen on this show, she has a very strong support network with mama Roxanne and big sister Brittany always available to lend a hand in raising little Nova. But sometimes they can be a little too involved.

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Dr. Drew was already losing control of the situation between Devoin and Briana as the young mother went off on her deadbeat baby daddy, refusing to let him get a word in edgewise as she yelled at him. But it looked like he would be able to turn the tide ... until Brittany started yelling from backstage, and then burst out to fight with Devoin, followed quickly by Roxanne, who was pulling off her high heel -- to hurl it at Devoin, maybe?

Devoin himself was no innocent here, jumping up and looking like he was going to hit Brittany, screaming and cursing at the top of his lungs. It was so volatile there for a few moments that security had to actually escort him out.

Someone -- it sounded like Devoin -- actually referred to the whole debacle as a Jerry Springer moment, and they were right on the money.

We're talking about important issues here, and it can be hard to keep your emotions in check when you're talking about the well-being of a child, but for that child's sake, you must! Nova doesn't need this kind of stress in her life as she grows up, especially if she does decide if she wants to have some sort of relationship with her father.

Briana later admitted that her family has set Devoin up to fail because they're so protective of Nova. On the other hand, Devoin himself admitted he's screwed up a lot and pledged he's going to the courts to actually get himself set up to provide child support.

So there's hope that things will get better! Maybe.

I just hope they get a handle on it soon -- there won't always be a celebrity therapist and security guards on hand to break things up!

Did you think Brittany was out of line or do you fault Devoin here?


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nonmember avatar lilah

I would never allow myself to be touched much less breed with a guy named Devoin. Deevoeen???
Ladies lets have some standards.

nonmember avatar Tiffany

That was most deff an intense moment.. The whole thing started when he said Brianna wasn't sh** which i think was unnecessary that is the mother of your child and she's been raising nova without you which is not easy to do by yourself wether your 16 or 30 so show a little more respect and honestly I don't think Brittany was in the wrong for defending her sister yes she could have handled the situation better but she's human and lets face it when someone is attacking someone you love it can turn ugly pretty quickly especially in a situation like this.

nonmember avatar jim

Brianna and her whole family are a bunch of TRASH... Run Devon, Run really really fast, you don't want to part of that TRASH...RUN

ninag... ninag1980

First of, Dr Drew needs a lesson in manners.  Who asks young ladies where they "hook up".   Its none of his business.  He asks way too personal questions.  Good for Briana for saying "next question"

I think Briana does have a good support team, but they need to mind their business sometimes.  Yes, they do gang up on Devion, BUT, I also think Devoin uses that as an excuse to stay away.  He clearly wants nothing to do with NOVA, just wants that MTV cash. 




nonmember avatar alexia

That dumb shit Briana and her family are extra !!! Devoin tries to be there for his daughter & them bitches always seem to rum him off, give the poor dude a break !

Jai Hutto

Those three are the most ghetto that have ever been on the show. It's one thing to teach your daughters to be strong independent women, but their mother has neglected to teach them how to handle themselves as women so now they act like spoiled brats . The sister and the mom need to stay the fuck out of it and let Briana and Devoin co-parent! 

-Legs- -Legs-

Brittany. I cannot stand trashy ass women that think just because they're women, they can act however the want towards men.

nonmember avatar meghan

I can relate to Briana. I had my son at 16 and I too have a dead beat daddy. In my situation its different tho in the sense that my family is protective but understands that i'm an adult now because I have a child and need to handle my own issues. they are there to back me up if i need it but they are not breathing down my neck like her sister and mother do. Simply put, Devoin needs to get his shit together and be a father. He's been arrested for drug possession and God only knows what else. If i were Briana I would not associate myself or even speak to him regarding anything, not even Nova. Nova deserves a father, not some jerk that would rather buy/sell drugs instead of buying some diapers, food, or just spending some damn time with the poor kid. I don't associate with my baby daddy for just that reason.

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