'DWTS' May Be Losing the 1 Judge the Show Desperately Needs

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What the heck? I think I might have some sort of psychic ability going on or something. Remember last week when I predicted that Len Goodman will leave Dancing With the Stars after season 17? You know, because he's probably ready to retire, and that's why they've been trying out guest judges over the past few weeks?

Anyhoo, it looks as though I might just be right about Len leaving the show -- but if he does, his reasoning for doing so is definitely not what I expected.

Apparently Len is sick of commuting to and from the U.K. to film DWTS -- something I never actually realized he did in the first place. I just figured he lived in L.A. during filming and then headed home -- but it sounds like he's actually going back and forth. Gah. That definitely makes for a serious case of jet lag.

And it's totally understandable that he's over spending all that time on an airplane and wants to be at home with his family. But you want to know what really sucks? Apparently Bruno Tonioli makes the commute with Len each week, and there's speculation that if Len quits DWTS, he will too.

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OMG. Can you imagine the judges panel without Bruno?!? It will be bad enough if Len is absent from season 18 -- but how the heck are we supposed to live without Bruno? I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I sit on the edge of my seat after each performance in anticipation of what he's going to say -- and I always wind up laughing hysterically at whatever comes out of his mouth.

He's such an integral part of the show, and I'm just not sure it can survive with both him and Len out of the picture. (Carrie Ann Inaba is a doll ... but she's not that good.)

Honestly, if Bruno and Len both leave, they might have to wind up replacing all three of the judges and starting over from scratch. But the odds of finding three people who have the same chemistry and charisma as Carrie Ann, Bruno, and Len are pretty much slim to none.

Will you be upset if Len and Bruno leave?


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Barbara White

I can live without Len but not Bruno I just hope that they don't use maks to replace Len I do not like Maks at all 

Janis Katz

I adore Bruno!!! I would be so upset if he left.  Losing Len would be bad enough; but, if we lost Bruno, too, I fear you are right...that would the end of the show!


Debbie Niemczyk

Yep, it would be upsetting if Bruno AND Len leave (plus Carrie Ann) - - that'll be the end of "Dancing With The Stars", altogether.

Bobbie Goettling

All good things must come to an end, especially the TV shows I love. So, this is the end of DWTS because without Len and Bruno, whatever is left is NOT DWTS! I will have to find something else to love.

Winetta Starr

DWTS will never ,ever be the same without these 2! I won't be prone to watch without them! 


Betty Anne Thomas

I watch DWTS to see the dancers - the judges are just a part of the show. I like Len and Carrie Ann, but Bruno is waaaay over the top. Whoever is judging - ms. hough or Maks or whoever will probobly be OK. The MCs are excellent, the dancing is fun and the judges are interesting - but the show doesn't depend on the judges. The world will not end people if they are gone.

nonmember avatar Andrea

I commented last week, that Len & Bruno jetted back and forth each week, and when Len is away, he is busy in England. He has had his own dance studios for many years and does lots of charity work there. I for one will miss him and Bruno and it have to see how the "new" DWTS works out.

Nancy Young-Mcgunegill

Obviously your opinion....I think Carrie Ann is a good judge... I seriously could do without the other two. There have to be other dancers out there who are qualified to judge....

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