'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Porsha Stewart's Silence Speaks Volumes About Abuse Allegations

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porsha stewartThe Real Housewives of Atlanta is quickly becoming my favorite of the Real Housewives franchises. I mean, I guess after Miami, anything seems like a breath of fresh air. Still, the antics plus the personalities on this show equal pure, scrumptious, old-school mayhem, and friends, the Becca is hooked. I am the Becca. 

This week, NeNe Leakes slowly came to grips with having to spend more time at home. Gregg Leakes is excited about this, and I love anything that makes Gregg happy. While NeNe pretended to dust, Cynthia Bailey offered her husband a hilarious reward for supporting her through her fibroid-removal surgery. Kandi Burruss hung out with her amazing daughter and Porsha Stewart continued to imply awful things about her ex-husband Kordell Stewart. Finally, off in the corner of a mansion in which she has no legal right to be living, Kenya Moore danced around in a stolen wedding gown and twerked upon a piano. Show time! 

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Divorce sucks the biggest tamale of all tamales, no matter how famous the parties involved may be. Porsha is proof of that. Her description of every drive to her lawyer's office being like a drive to a funeral was depressing enough to drive me to the half-eaten cake in my kitchen. It wasn't even very good cake!

Luckily, Porsha's got her sister and her friend Kandi to help her cope. Sorting through all of her belongings -- dumped at her mom's place by Kordell -- Porsha stops pussyfooting around and straight-up calls Kordell a "queen." Then, when Kandi asks if Kordell ever beat her, she gives the pause of all pauses before saying no, he never hit her. Clearly though, as Kandi pointed out in her talking-head, that pause was meant to imply something. I used to be team Porsha, but it's starting to feel like she's playing dirty. If she's lying about abuse and Kordell's sexuality, that basically qualifies her for "villain" status on any low-grade soap opera. 

While Cynthia Bailey promised Peter sex once a week for helping her, and NeNe begrudgingly helped Gregg dust in spite of her "allergies" (LOVE NENE), across town Kenya Moore was being insane. I feel bad for the landlady she keeps talking smack about. I also think putting on the woman's wedding gown and fannying about was as sleazy as it gets. For that alone I sympathize with her landlady for calling 911 on the broad. Because, to bastardize Flannery O'Connor, Kenya Moore might have been a good woman had 911 been called on her every day of her life.

Did you think Porsha crossed a line in terms of ripping into Kordell this week?

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adamat34 adamat34

Nerves are exposed during.a divorce. Im sure itnwill all settle down. Granted, ahe shouldn't do.it.on tv.....

nonmember avatar anonyous

Porsha crossed the line and continues to cross it. Judging from the quality and quantity of her designer goods... it appears that .Kordell oops, I meant the Queen treated Ms. Porsha like a Queen.

nonmember avatar EmJayne76

I feel like Porsha is a very devout Christian woman. I feel like she stuck right beside him no matter what happened. I felt so bad for Porsha all last season because it was clear to me he had her on a very short leash, controlled her in every way, intimidated & humiliated her frequently... I felt then that if he treated her like that when he knew the cameras were on him, there's no telling what happened behind closed doors! Furthermore, I sincerely believe that she sucked up the way he treated her for the sake of the marriage and her vows to him & God. But, now that he publicly humiliated her & has treated her like she did something TO HIM; she has taken the gloves off & is trying to fight fair. (Which is very sad when she didn't want to fight this fight at all...)

nonmember avatar TERSA WILSON


nonmember avatar kymm

Is this series of atlanta on in the uk yet or is it just america.

Ive watchwd all series of atlanta and kenya got in my nerves from the get go, i think with portia's husband was controlling yes but gay/abusive i doubt it , and by the sounds of it cynthia still needs to get over herself and Nene fabulous as always oh love kandi too xxx

nonmember avatar Heather M.

I always thought Kordell came across controlling and very moody but Porsha never seemed to have an issue with it. Although I wouldn't be able to be in a relationship like that, it worked for them. I hate seeing them both playing dirty. I know it's a "reality" show but some things should remain a little more private.
Kenya really needs to seek help. She will do anything for attention and is jealous of anyone else's success. She's riding Nene's coat tails by giving interviews just to trash her. She's pathetic.

Elaine Miller

I don't believe Porsha crossed the line, if Kordell wants to play and from other articles i have read with him not wanting togive her anything, she needs to put it out there and get what ever she can after putting up with his BS, and those GAY rumors have been around a long time, admitt to who you are and stop pertrading the fraud and be proud of who you are Kordell it might help you to be a better man and not pretending, having a woman on your arm wont squash the truth. Part of appearing more masculine is to think that be controlling/in charge/telling a woman what to do.wear.and how to act makes you appear to be a man without his feminite tendacies being to pronounce.

nonmember avatar Kee

I don't think that she is lying at all...but what I do believe is the "Hell has no fury like a woman scorned" I mean come on now she had to find out through twitter that she was getting a divorce. And when you think about it last season why was he all up the in beef that was going down in between the girls now I won't say that he's gay because im not down with downlow people and I won't insult people who are comfortable with their sexuality like that. But I will say that his behavior is...."questionable"

Reali... Realityaddict

I believe her and think she should be able to say and do whatever she wants....she lived that lie and the issue of whether or not he is gay has been circling for years started by her team.


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