Miley Cyrus' S&M-Themed 21st Birthday Party Plans Scare Us

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miley cyrusY'all, Miley turns 21 next week. Can you believe it? Our little girl is so grown up ... sniff. How do you think our shy violet is planning to celebrate -- quiet night at home with the parents watching her favorite Disney movies with popcorn? Of course not! Miley Cyrus is planning a birthday night of unparalleled debauchery, of course. Name the three most deviant activities you can think of, quick. Betcha they're all on her list. In fact, her party plans sound an awful lot like one of SNL's "Stefon Recommends" events.

It has everything: S&M dungeons, g-string gyrating go-go girls, whipping boys, cages, penis-shaped party lights, and Miley-themed cocktails. And possibly even Liam Hemsworth! Yes, according to Hollywood Life, Miley has invited her ex-fiance to her birthday party. Now that really is mature. 

I want pictures from this party. You hear me? Lots and lots of pictures.

Where do you think Miley can go after a birthday party like this?


Image via Miley Cyrus/Twitter

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nonmember avatar Elizabeth

This might be the most interesting thing she has done since she changed her image.
Yes, I'd like to see pictures of this party.

prplecat prplecat

Where can she go from there?  Probably to the ER...

small... smallfryes

So I guess ole Liam should take pictures of her at her bash, photoshop a Santa hat on her and send them out as Christmas cards this year with the caption inside reading, "do not open til Christmas... Unless you're me in which case never..."

Kathleen Hanson

It really is time to stop paying attention  to her. Maybe then she would go away.


Eddie... EddiesMama1983

I don't care if she's inviting her ex to her party or not, an orgy-themed party for the sake of cutting ties with a Disney past IS NOT MATURE. And no thanks, I'm not into porn so I don't want to see the photos. 

BatMom. BatMom.

Sounds like fun! For her, I mean. Happy early Birthday, Miley!

nonmember avatar Kay Mann

my instincts tell me this girl will have a very short life due to her foolish choices and hedonistic lifestyle... better get involved now bill-ray, or start working on that eulogy where you try to convince people that there was something special about your daughter of disaster.

NS.Mom NS.Mom

She is young and having fun. I like her audacious personality. She is living life to the fullest right now and thats not so abberant...people need to remember the fun times they had at her age n stop looking down their nose castgating her every move.

Eddie... EddiesMama1983

NS.Mom being "young and having fun" doesn't require pulling stupid stunts, getting high, or rebelling from expectations. You can be young and have fun lots of other ways. She should focus on a music career and use her spare time to help others. She could also consider getting an education because by the time she's 25, nobody will care about her stunts anymore and she will be forced to grow up. 

nonmember avatar JB

Miley is totally awesome !!!!!!

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