Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Share Big News About 'Divorce'

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tim mcgraw faith hillMarriage is hard y'all. And harder still if you are a celebrity with all kinds of people lusting after you and the cameras always flashing in front of your eyes. Awww. Should we feel bad for celebrities? Maybe a little. Could you imagine having a little spat with your significant other and have the paparazzi be all capturing it on film? Horrifying. We read body language and facial expressions and conclude Yep, it's over for them when maybe they're just fighting over someone leaving the toilet seat up.

It seems that's what happened with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in a roundabout sort of way. And they decided to address these divorce rumors head on.

Don't worry, there is no achy breaky heart here. Oh wait, wrong country singer. It turns out any strife Tim and Faith are having is they are concerned about is their daughter's high school social schedule and how busy she is. Faith wanted to know why we can't all rejoice that she and Tim are still going strong all these country songs later -- 17 years, that is! Faith told People:

[Rumors] seem to be running like crazy right now for some reason. It's perplexing. I don't know why 'happy' can't be a story.

Happy IS a story! Happy happy happy! This is great news. The love birds even held hands and joked about their relationship's "impending doom" during their interview. Tim said they were both really concerned that the divorce rumors would get to their kids and make their kids worry something was wrong when there is absolutely nothing wrong.

Phew. We can breathe now.

Do you think we all need to back off celebs and their marriages? Should gossip like that be off the table because kids could get hurt by it?


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Mommy... MommyTimesTwo88

When are we going to learn that a celebrity breakup/divorce is almost always preceded by a "OMG, they're gonna get a divorce 'rumor'". Now I'm not saying that's the case here, I for one love a happy happy happy story and things not ending in divorce. But just sayin...it could be a cover for an actual impending divorce so they can quietly deal with it with their children as a family. Which is fine. You do what you have to do to gain some form of normalcy under the spotlight.

tobza... tobzangel

Amazin how these 2 have stayed together for so long with the schedules they keep, tho they manage to be joined at the hip. It's been said around Nashville for years they've set the standard for stayin together. I can think of many who've stayed together and made it. Agree or not I've to admit the one couple that comes to my mind over Tim and Faith is George and Norma Strait. Thru the death of their daughter and many obstacles they've maintained a very strong marriage. Sorry all of you Tim and Faith fans but that's just my opinion.

Joan Gantt

yes the media & othrs make entirely make too much of nothing. they are as human as U & me. we all have problems but thank the good Lord no one is HIDING BEHIND A BUSH WATCHING.

nonmember avatar jaba

My guess would be because he's always wearing that stupid, plastic hat!

nonmember avatar DIANE


nonmember avatar c wheeler

They're happy. Leave them alone.

nonmember avatar Georgia

If we paid as much attention to our co-workers or neighbors personal lives, someone would have us arrested as snoops or stalkers. Leave them AND their children alone. Privacy, should not be so costly,

nonmember avatar meemaw

Very talented couple and Tim,Garth, and Blake have beautiful amd talented wives. Should the press and rumor mongers back off...you betcha. Success has some wanting to stir the pot so to say. Congrats to all three of these couples for keeping their vows.

nonmember avatar Tonya

Kids don't let the crazy get you down. Be strong and talk with your parents because it is always going to be something someone that disagrees and/or disrespects.

nonmember avatar Katie

YES YOU SHOULD BACK OFF!!!! Not just them, but all couples! Wouldn't you like some privacy in your life? How would you like your every move watched? Look at what the nosey never relenting paparazzi did to Princess Diana!!! You people don't get it. They are human too. I don't care for some of the celebrities antics anymore than other people, but I am not their ultimate judge, and I don't feel that I have any right to pry into their lives like you people do. You get down right dangerous and look what it's led to in the past. You all should take a look at your own lives and ask yourselves if your own slate is clean and back off of everyone else.

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