Miley Cyrus Makes the Moves on Lamar Odom

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lamar odom, miley cyrusI didn't think Miley Cyrus was capable of shocking us any more than she already has. I was wrong. Soooooo wrong! Her latest stunt? The pop star tried to pick up Lamar Odom at a nightclub. And I don't mean she was interested in just giving him a ride home.

According to the folks over at Life & Style, Miley was partying at Beacher's Madhouse in Los Angeles when she spotted the basketball star. Perhaps emboldened by the fact that his wife Khloe Kardashian was nowhere in sight or Lamar's well-publicized wandering eye, she made her move.

A witness says she invited him to "come smoke and hang out with her." The offer, however, wasn't very enticing to Lamar. He was a gentleman, however, and turned her down nicely. The insider says Lamar didn't want to spark any rumors that they were fooling around. Can't blame him. Reportedly, he and Khloe are seeing a marriage counselor to try to repair their relationship.

As bizarre as this whole Miley and Lamar situation sounds, I actually think it's a nice turn of events for the guy. He has had a hard time lately -- alleged drug abuse, rumored affairs, his marriage possibly crumbling. And the world watching every moment of it. That's no picnic. I am glad someone is showing him some love -- and it's someone who probably isn't using him for fame since she is famous in her own right.

Though given the source of this story, I am a bit skeptical. Oh, I believe Miley would make a move. Just not sure Lamar would turn it down (LOL).


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nonmember avatar Dawn

Well, I am sure Miley didn't think anything of it. Addicts are supposed to stay away from nightclubs, bars etc, so if he was there she probably thought he was fair game.

adamat34 adamat34

She's trash

nonmember avatar Ashley G

Ummm somebody is showing him love... His wife, Khloe Kardashian.

I'm pretty sure she's famous in her own right as well.

nonmember avatar Caroline

I don't buy this story. Life and Style is one of the least reliable sources out there. I'm calling this BS.

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