Lindsay Lohan's Latest Sexy Selfie Isn't a Selfie at All (PHOTO)

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So everybody's all flipping out over this shot Lindsay Lohan recently uploaded to Instagram, and I just don't get it. I mean, not to say this pic isn't something to flip out over, but people are flipping for all the wrong reasons. See, all anybody can say is "sideboob, sideboob, sideboob" and "cigarette, cigarette, cigarette." Which is ridiculous, because a.) What, we don't see sideboob every day anyway? and b.) What, we don't already know Lindsay smokes?? 

BUT. As I was saying, there IS something flip-worthy about this photo. Can you guess what it is?

Fine, I'll just tell you: This pic is NOT a selfie!! Look, one hand is holding a cigarette and the other hand is all the way over on her other side, so there's no way Lohan could've taken the picture of herself. Which means ... who was behind the camera?? 

Maybe it was James Deen. Maybe it was new BFF Miley Cyrus?! Maybe it was somebody she met on that dating app, Tinder. Hell, maybe it was Oprah!!

The question is, was this a mid-romantic interlude pic, like the one that porn star (?!) took of The Biebs, or was this more of a "Hey, platonic friend, I want to post another half-naked shot of myself on Instagram, but I want it from a different angle -- can you take it for me?"

Hopefully whoever it was is a good influence, and didn't pour LiLo a tumbler of vodka after snapping her sideboob. I'm sure we'll find out before long, either way.

Who do you think took this picture of Lindsay Lohan?


Image via Instagram

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sweet... sweetaspie630

It's a very pretty and soft picture. Maybe she is doing a magazine shoot and this is one of the shots? Just a thought.

Kings... KingsleysMommy

I love this pic of her. I've always thought she was pretty. đź‘Ť

nonmember avatar kelly

I thInk it's a great picture :)

MamaT... MamaTo2b2g

I think it's disgusting. Nasty cigarette and saggy boobs. Gross.

nonmember avatar S.Smith

Who cares if she has a cigarette in her hand?! Do you realize how many closet smokers there are because they are tired of self righteous ppl judging them?? Ok I'm a smoker,a mom and a Christian..oh no are you getting ready to misinterpret the verse about body is a holy temple? Do more research first!! And for the record id rather see a mom smoke a cigarette rather than be a zombie on Prozac or another drug and too tired to play with her kiddos...and for the record Lindsay lohan should've used a bit more taste in this photo HOWEVER this photo contradicts all the crap about her having implants...implants dont sag!! And I think this would've been gorgeous if she had a gown on as in a ball gown.. Yes and keep the cigarette it makes the photo :-)

Autum... Autumnleaves87

Cancer sticks are Sooooo pretty! So is your voice after smoking for 10 years! Oh LL you're sooooooo beautiful!!

MamaT... MamaTo2b2g

Looks like S.Smith is feeling a little guilty about exposing her kids to second hand smoke (even if just on your clothes. Don't give me that nonsense about just smoking outside). All I said is cigarettes are gross. And they are.

nonmember avatar S.Smith

Actually I do only smoke outside and I have a jacket that hangs outside to wear when I smoke so it's not on my other clothes thank guilt here darlin! And it anazes me that because you dont like something you shun it..if you hated twizzlers and she had one in her hand you would be throwing a fit over that!! There is always that one negative person and I guess you are that you have a microwave in your home?? Oh bad parenting right there it puts out more radiation then you get in a nuclear power plant ! And its cute that you think I am feeling guilty lol I am guessing by your "name" on here that after 4 kiddos that your parts aren't perky either LOL.. So grow up,she didn't ask you to hold her cigarette so stop whining

BatMom. BatMom.

Self-timer, maybe? Who cares. She's stunning.

nonmember avatar kelly

I like that she sags a bit. shows she's real. a little sag is better than those big ol fake ones any day

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