Amber Portwood Is Headed for Rehab for All the Right Reasons

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amber portwoodI'm not going to pretend that I'm not the least bit fazed about what's going on with former Teen Mom star Amber Portwood since she got out of jail. I mean, come on, this woman's done crazy well over the last few years since landing in the slammer. She got out on good behavior years ahead of time, and now she's back being a great momma to her too-cute-for-words little girl Leah. And yeah, she and Gary Shirley, her baby-daddy and ex-boyfriend, may not be all perfect, but they're making it work for Leah, and well, I think that's fab.

And get this: it gets better! Although there are rumors that Amber may be returning to MTV, there is also buzz that Amber's going back to school and do something else you'll never believe. Something that has to deal with her scary past with drugs.

According to Amber's brother Shawn Portwood, his sister wants to start a drug rehabilitation center. Yup that's right, Amber's going back to rehab -- for good reasons! Whoa! Talk about a turnaround, eh?

I'm proud of this girl. I mean, it's not easy when your entire downward spiral is caught on film and broadcast for the whole world to see. The fact that Amber is willing to start over, be a good mom to Leah, and take chances on a big venture like this -- it speaks volumes as to how much her time in jail really did her well.

Here's hoping that Amber sticks to her goals and stays OFF TV. Because let's be real: if this woman is going to stay well and do well -- the cameras should remain off.

Do you think Amber has what it takes to start a rehab center?


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motha... motha2daDuchess

what do you "back to being a good mother"....

Jo-Ann Tuohey

Amber needs to concentrate on keeping herself healthy and sober and taking care of her child. She would need many more years of school and training before she could open her own rehab center and help other people. She has barely gotten herself together yet, and mentally I don't think she is ready to help anyone. Amber needs to really work on her anger issues so she can mother her child properly and stay sober. Take care of you first Amber, then worry about helping others. Just because you were a train wreck and did it all doesn't mean you are qualified to tell anyone else what to do.

nonmember avatar tina

good for u girl

sweet... sweetaspie630

I've always thought Gary was a douche bag to Amber, (a pretty good and loving daddy to Leah, but a horrible boyfriend) and that Amber clearly has abandoment issues, drug issues, and anger issues, BUT she always struck me as a VERY loving mother, who in the end only wanted what was best for Leah. She has always TRIED to do the best things for her daughter, and was very brave in going to JAIL as a last resort to get straight now. She could have kept doing rehab and slipping up, and ended up in jail NOT of her own choice, but she basically did a "scared straight" program on herself.

I think she is really trying. And TV might not be so bad for her, if it's done respectfully. It would be good income to get her life together.

Bobbie Scherzer

This girl can't even stick with GED classes, and gave up because the classes were "too hard".  How is she going to manage to stick with a semester college? Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you need a Masters in Social Work to do any type of conseling. Amber is not going to stay committed to that for very long.  She couldn't even manage a 3 week rehab stay as a patiet.  Maybe she should try something more suited to her skills, like working at McDonald's.

nonmember avatar yanet

me gusta

Samantha Lynn Blankenship

I think this is a good thing for her. By the time she gets her degrees and training for this she will be ready to do it. Some of you act like she is opening one tomorrow. Also I cannot stand people Bobbie Scherzer who think working at McDonalds is a pie job. You stand on your feet on concrete floor for 8 - 12 hours per day ( in my area anyway) dealing with rude people all day in hot conditions working for barely enough money to pay the bills for people who don't offer any kind of decent benefits who care nothing for you. Why don't you try it before you act like you know it all. Also Amber quit on her GED when she was still on drugs. As a recovering addict myself I know all to well that it is impossible to stick with anything when you are on dope. Now that she is off of it she may be able to do this.

nonmember avatar Kara Terna

Well its hard to be a mother and a role model and being that doesn’t requires a rehab if you can’t help yourself then why should you help other people? Its making me laugh.

nonmember avatar Gray Dray

It’s not hard they are not fit to it.

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