'DWTS' Judge Drama Might Mean Big Changes for Season 18

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Yesterday the news broke that for next week's episode of Dancing With the Stars, Maksim Chmerkovskiy is returning as a guest judge to help critique the semifinals. But instead of sitting in for Len Goodman, as was the case with guest judges Julianne Hough and Cher, Maks will be joining the crew as a fourth judge -- so we'll get a little more commentary than we're used to.

And I know the story goes that Len had some sort of other commitment that has taken him away from a few shows this season, which is why they needed guest judges. However, I have another theory as to what's really going on with all these new additions.

I am willing to bet money that Len is probably retiring at the end of season 17, so ABC is "auditioning" new judges and formats to see how the show goes without him.

Makes sense, right?

Before season 17 aired, there were plenty of rumors going around about one or all of the DWTS judges being replaced. There was also the possibility of a fourth judge being added into the mix -- so it almost seems like producers are trying out the concepts before deciding what should happen with season 18.

Why would Len agree to some other gig right in the middle of DWTS? It just doesn't make sense. And that's why I think he's definitely on the outs, leaving his space wide open for Julianne, Cher, Maks, or whoever to come in and take over.

I don't know why, I just really have the feeling he's kind of over the whole deal. I guess there's always the possiblity that he'll stay on and a fourth judge will be added -- but considering how long winded Carrie Ann, Len, and Bruno are, the show will have to be extended past the two-hour time window if that happens.

Hmm. But if Len does say his goodbyes at the end of season 17 ... he will certainly be missed. The guest judges this season have been fun, but I truly missed his flavorful commentary when he hasn't been around.

If Len retires, who do you think should replace him?


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Becky Chandler

Len has to stay, the other two should be booted, Julianne Hough did a good job and I am open on another.

nonmember avatar Ed Pruger

If Len is leaving I am ecstatic put Maks in his place

Liz Patrick

They don't need four judges, but they DO need to go back to the format from before with two shows a week. The current way they do things stinks with votes carried over from week to week and no fun extras.

Carolyn Drever Cooledge

If things aren't broken, why are they trying to fix them? Leave the judges as they are.


Janis Katz

If Len does retire, Julanne Hough would be a great judge. I hope they don't go to four judges.

Patricia Prunty


Sandy Jeanfaivre Engebregtsen

I agree with Liz. Please go back to the past years format of two nights. Look at some of the other shows such as the Voice, American Idol, X-Factor. Different methods of judging. I enjoy Len very much. If he should retire, I would love to see Max. He certainly knows dance very well....an expert!

Jeanne Schalz Wood

It won't be the same without Len! But they could let Carrie Ann go as far as I am concerned. And it would be awesome to see Maks take her place.


Barbara White

Len is a cranky old man I love Bruno and Carrie ann but please the show has been so much better WITHOUT Max he is such a snob and his ego is bigger than the studio.  I would love for it to be Cher. 

Sue Jankowski

Len has missed nights before this season so this is nothing new.

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