Amber Portwood's Return to TV Is a Risk That May Not Be Worth Taking

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amber portwoodEverything looks like it's coming up roses for Teen Mom Amber Portwood. She was released from jail YEARS ahead of time, and her ex and baby-daddy Gary Shirley is letting her spend all the time she wants with her adorable daughter Leah -- yay for mommy and me time! Now it looks like there might be another change coming for Amber, and only time will tell whether or not it's a good one.

When tweeting about Leah's very special birthday party with mommy, Gary dropped some surprising thank-yous. Amid a general shout-out to folks for making his daughter's day awesome, he also thanked some of the MTV Teen Mom makers who were apparently in attendance. That's right, cameras captured the party, and we don't think they were just shooting home movies. 

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Could it be that this is just more proof that Amber and her family are going to be hitting a small screen near us in the not so distant future? Cameras have been trailing her hardcore since her release from prison. I have several feelings about this as a possibility. In truth, I probably have way more feelings about it than is healthy or normal, but that is neither here nor there. Part of me feels like this is an AWFUL idea. After all, Amber's life fell apart in front of the cameras and I don't think that was incidental. She had too much fame too fast and so many other issues to contend with that it's no wonder she wound up in jail.

On the other hand, if Amber has made it as far as she has, maybe she's earned the right to show everyone just how great she's feeling and how much more in control of her life she is now. That makes it sound like I think being in front of the camera post-jail would be good for her in some way -- that's not entirely the case, I just don't think it would necessarily be detrimental ... and also I REALLY WANT TO SEE HER BACK ON MY TV. There, that's the embarrassing truth of my feelings revealed. 

Do you think Amber's making a mistake by returning to television?

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Spooky80 Spooky80

I really think amber needs to just lay low for a while and stay away from the cameras and just focus on staying clean and when she proves herself THEN maybe she should do a special but as of right now she just got out of prison not even 2 weeks ago

Pat Brown

she has no money and neither does Gary, how do they feed the child? She isn't going to do 9 to 5 and neither is he. It's a horrible idea that she is going right back to her patterns of the past, I sadly think she will not be able to stay out of trouble, just my feelings, I could be wrong, but I doubt it, time will tell!

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