Scott Disick's New Fixation on Kanye West Isn't Weird at All -- Right?

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scott disick I feel like if you'd taken Kanye West aside three years ago and said, "Listen man, you're gonna go shopping a lot with Scott Disick in the future," he wouldn't have believed you. Good thing you are a time traveler with a strangely specific mission and some paparazzi photos of Scott and Kanye shoppin' it up. I believe that Kanye loves Kim Kardashian whole-heartedly. I think what they've got poppin' off is real. I have a hard time believing that he's as smitten with Scott. 

I don't think Scott is pretending to be hooked on 'Ye, though! When the dudes were snapped wearing MATCHING TOPS, I could think of only one possible reason for this occurrence. Scott Disick is completely obsessed with Kanye West. I'd say he's trying to "Single White Female" the guy, but not even one of those words is applicable to this situation. 

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I mean, I get it. Kanye is kind of the greatest. It's not that much of a stretch to picture Scott totally geeking out over his general awesomeness. Plus, I bet a fair chunk of his excitement comes from having another dude to hang out with in the highly female posse. Poor Scott, they probably make him explain to all incoming dudes that they must all be kept locked in the basement dungeon of the Jenner house to save both them and their reproductive organs from destruction at the hands of the envoys from Throbtron.

All talk of imaginary alien nations aside, I find Scott's fixation with Kanye cute rather than alarming. Obviously 'Ye's not losing any sleep over it, and the two guys clearly have things to talk about. Their loves of identical shirts, Kardashian women, and titles that imply a sense of blasphemous of ego are, I'm sure, only the beginning of what these two bro down about.

Do you think Scott and Kanye are really friends or that they're making it work for their ladies?


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Paws84 Paws84

Kanye's the greatest? He's an anti-American, France-loving, racist piece of shit deadbeat father who won't come out of the closet already. Here's his wonderful lyrics: '314 soldiers died in Iraq, 509 died in Chicago'. F-ck Kanye and anyone who likes him. You all can go to France. At the very least, get the hell out of America.

adamat34 adamat34

Maybe they just contempt for all things Kardashian.....hes a waste of skin.

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