'Teen Mom' Couple's Divorce Is Going to Be One Messy Affair

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Catelynn Lowell Tyler BaltierraIn news that just about everyone saw coming, another couple from Teen Mom is headed to divorce court. But this might be the most complicated relationship to untangle yet. That's because the couple on the skids is April and Butch Baltierra.

'Memba them? April is Catelynn Lowell's mom. Butch is Tyler Baltierra's dad. And since the two have been married since 2009, April is also Tyler's stepmom, and Butch is Catelynn's stepdad. Not to mention BOTH are the biological grandparents of little Carly.

Are you getting a headache from trying to work your way through that tangled web?

Then you can only imagine what this is going to be like for Cate and Ty! Despite their own little relationship hiccup while shooting Couples Therapy, the two are still very much together and planning to get married ... some day.

Which means Butch and April are going to remain in each of these kids' lives in some fashion -- even if Butch is doing most of it from behind bars. Talk about a moral dilemma.

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That said, if anyone is up for it, Catelynn and Tyler are the ones to manage to keep family politics out of their own love life. We saw time and again on Teen Mom how they managed to distance themselves from their parents' tumultuous relationship, with Tyler especially coming to realize that his dad will simply never be the man he wants him to be.

Here's hoping April and Butch can at least be civil for the sake of their kids.

Did you see this coming? What do you think Tyler and Catelynn will do?


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nonmember avatar nikki

i thibk they will do just fine

abra819 abra819

These kids are pretty fantastic, coming from those peices of shit.

Samantha Aleshire

Good Luck girl hope things dont turn out to messy for the two and dont Tyler and  Cate have the son of there parents????


Gina A. Liccardo

Umm they aren't a teen mom's couple they are the parents of a teen mom's couple.  Cut the misadvertising to get a click.  Get some integrity!

lmh84 lmh84

I totally agree with you, abra!! They're amazing!

nonmember avatar BostonBob

If everyone will just stop watching and writing about these people....they will disappear back into the trailer park.

Please let's stop this!

hutch... hutchfam2007

Hopefully this is another step in the right direction for April. Last I heard she was cleaning her life up.

Spooky80 Spooky80

its good that april and butch are getting a divorce! they should have never married in the first place, making catelynn and tyler step brother and sister knowing that catelynn and tyler were in a relationship! I say shame on april and butch for even getting married!

motha... motha2daDuchess

why does Carly come into this...this is a weird stir story....no one is really going to be affected by this divorce

Devon Marie

im glad that april and butch r getting a divorce that should never got married i mean the kids were together before they got together and then they got married how messed up is that?

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