Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Are Officially in Couples Therapy

khloe and lamarThis is both surprising and not surprising at the same time. Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are in couples therapy, according to reports. The reason it's not surprising? Well, because it seemed like the pair really loved each other at one point, and it's only natural to want to fix things. The reason it is surprising? Lamar's seemed averse to any therapy since day one of this whole mess. He went to rehab for less than 24 hours! He must really want to mend things with Khloe if he's going the therapy route.

But should Khloe be considering taking him back?

I think it's great that Khloe and Lamar are going to therapy, really, I do. And as much shit as I've talked about him since he cheated on Khloe and generally started acting like a massive yahoo, I'd be lying if I said a small part of me didn't want to see these two get back to where they were at some point. But I think it's going to take a lot more than mere therapy. Their problems are more on Lamar than Khloe, so it isn't fair or right if the only action he's taking is going to couples therapy. Lamar needs help on his own. For his depression, for his drug problems, for his cheating. Couples therapy may fix some aspects of their marriage, but definitely not all.

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That said, it definitely bodes well for Lamar that Khloe is going to couples therapy with him in the first place. I honestly thought she was done. I kinda hoped she was done. But now, it seems like she's willing to give him a second chance. Let's just hope that she insists he does more than couples therapy. 'Cause that and that alone ain't gonna work.

Do you want to see Khloe and Lamar get back together?


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nonmember avatar margie jackson

Yes I deffently would like to see them work it out. Lamar needs her more then ever right now and they did take vows for better or for worse. Khloe is a strong women and I'm sure the best thing Lamar has ever had. I love them as I couple and hope they make it thru this difficult time.

nonmember avatar brittany

Hell no!! With everything he has put her through, she would kick him to the curb and move on

nonmember avatar M

The heart wants what it wants, regardless of what your own head is saying.

Even if the cons are outweighing the pros, those few pros (love, compassion, remorse) weigh extremely heavy.

The more people push you for something YOU'RE not completely ready for- to give up on the What If's- the more determined you are to possible prove "them" wrong.

Absolutely nothing has to be explained to anyone but those 2 people being effected, those people who suffer the consequences alone at the end of the day.

Sandra Saunders

Hell, no!  There is too much water under the bridge to fix it.


nonmember avatar laurie

Yes. If they truely want to stay together. Do whatever it takes. I love all of them and hope the whole family can work through their troubles. Its sad but every family has their own problems.

nonmember avatar Lauren Wilkinso

I hope they will work things out. Everyone deserves another chance. Please be good to Khloe Lamar. Respect her from now on. Good Luck to you both x

Susan Sitrin Rhodes

I so understand making that vow in front of god, family and friends and wating to preserve that vow. . I wish them luck and hope they get all the "help" they need.

nonmember avatar Rania

This guys are a match made from heaven.All of us make mistakes in life simply becoz we aren't perfet so Lamar deserves a second chance u never it might be the beginning of change in his life.As foe khloe, she should do this wholeheartedly if indeed she loves her man n wantvto support him all through this I am sure there is always away if there is a will.God bless them both

Becky Kloth

yes she should. she loves him very much.

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