Jean-Claude Van Damme Does ‘Epic Split’ Between 2 Moving Trucks (VIDEO)

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I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Jean-Claude Van Damme. I’ll also never get tired of saying Jean-Claude Van Damme he’s fine! Especially after his latest death-defying feat in a new Volvo ad appropriately titled “The Epic Split.”

The commercial is supposed to show how amazing the Dynamic Steering is on the new Volvo trucks, but basically it just amazes us with the awesomeness of “The Muscles from Brussels.”

It starts with a close up of the 53-year-old actor’s face (How did he get to be 53? How is it possible that he gets better looking with age? Does he take tips from Sean Connery?), before the camera pulls away to reveal that he’s standing on the rear-view mirrors of two Volvo semi-trucks driving side-by-side.

And then the trucks slowly veer away from each other as Jean-Claude settles into full splits. While they’re still driving. He does the splits across the span of road between two trucks while they’re in motion.

Volvo says it’s the real deal and no CGI or other computer trickery was used, aside from some safety equipment being digitally removed.

The trucks are driving backwards, which just makes me believe in the authenticity even more, because they’re probably going backward in case he fell off -- at least he wouldn’t get run over.

Take a look and be amazed:

Does this ad make you want to buy a Volvo or watch Time Cop?


Image via Volvo Trucks/YouTube

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nonmember avatar JB

Love it. He is an awesome and very watchable actor. Love your writing!

Lane-... Lane-Moja

I'd like to see Chuck Norris try that!

nonmember avatar mm

Cool trick. Not sure if it will re-spark his career after years of domestic violence, affairs and drug abuse. :(

nonmember avatar amy


nonmember avatar J

Always reminds me of the Fresh Prince looking in a mirror
"Jen-Claude Van Damn I look good..."

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