'50 Shades of Grey' Fanfic Replaces Christian & Ana With Chris & Rihanna

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Fifty Shades of Grey has been criticized for glamorizing an abusive fictional relationship, and now a work of fanfic based on everyone's favorite love story, Chris Brown and Rihanna, has sparked outrage for glamorizing a real life abusive relationship. The "book" (I use that term very loosely), called Fifty Shades of Sin, was written by J Lola and is being sold as an Amazon Kindle single. The book follows the "love" story of Chris and Robyn (get it?) who fall in love in a "hopeless place" (get it again?).

The book's understated and achingly lovely description goes like this:

From the moment they meet, [Chris and Robyn's] attraction is explosive. They fall hard for each other. They crave each other every minute of the day. However, they just can't be together. This is a story about love, but it explores the difficulties, sacrifices, and pain that love brings as well.

Heavy on the pain! Some excerpts include Chris threatening to "beat the shit out of" Robyn's boyfriend and to break someone's hand. Robyn (Rihanna's real name) is scared by this -- which doesn't stop her from ruminating on what Chris would look like naked.

After the star-crossed pair have sex for the first time, Chris romantically confesses that he is "really fucked up" -- which is probably the exact thing Chris Brown actually says to his paramours. J Lola, how did you know?!

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The book is to be a series, which the author threatens promises to culminate in a scene at the Grammys, with Robyn/Rihanna getting beaten to a pulp by Chris/Chris. Just like real life!

Honestly, it's so sad that this is considered romantic fantasy. I don't care what people say about fiction being escapism. What goes into your brain goes into your life. Impressionable women who read this nonsense are likely to come away with the idea that violent men can be tamed with enough sex and subjugation. Guess what, this doesn't work in real life.

Just ask Rihanna, who gave Chris another chance, only to see him hightail it back to another girlfriend. She got lucky though.

Other women who find this fantasy appealing enough to give it whirl in real life could find themselves dead.

Would you read this?


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Kattey Kattey



Velma Pettus

HELL NO....Read 50 shades and those 2 are as far as you could get from Anna and Christian...you want the movie to be a disaster a flop, go ahead

nonmember avatar Jackie

Okay, seriously? The author of the fan fic should be ashamed to think that they have "based it" off of 50 shades. My husband and I have a bedroom life similar to 50 shades. However, this? This is straight up abuse and is disturbing that people are comparing the two! These are to very different worlds and one of them can lead to very unsafe circumstances.

Sharon Wills

50 shades of grey is not an abusive relationship it's about a dom sub relationship that turns into love controlling us different 2 abusive!! Din sub relationships happen in real life and as the book states there is a contract if u don't know about this kind if relationship don't criticise it bloody well look it up on Google!!!!! It's all about consent!!!! Read the books!!!!!!

Kay7684 Kay7684

See this is what I don't get, explain it to me politely please. 50 Shades? Abusive relationship? Not from what I read, it would have only been abusive had she not consented to the things he did to her. She tried the leather strap and off she went. Caning and such was a hard limit, and a limit she was never going to get over.

hmmyum hmmyum

Abusive? Absolutely. You can check the article below for a few choice examples from the final book. My fave is how he acts when he finds put she is pregnant. But let's not forget cyber-stalking her, preventing her from seeing friends, treating sex with her like he is a dog claiming its territory by peeing on a fire hydrant.

Oh and the whole, "it's a dom-sub thing...um, no. First, Ana is too stupid to know that what is really happening is that he is "beat[ing] the shit out of [her]" because he is constantly on the lookout to find women to abuse who look like his crack whore mother (despite the fact that he tells her this directly). Not to even mention that when she does things like use the safe word, he has a freaking hissy and lays a guilt trip on her. Yep...Dom-sub is about control and consent. And if you really are consenting adults, by god, go for whatever you want. Have fun. Godspeed. But when your boyfriend is getting his mommy issues out by beating up on women who look like his mommy, that crosses a whole new line into sick. And is abusive, IMHO.



hmmyum hmmyum

Plus, EL James is a horrible writer. For realsies. Am I the only one here who didn't want to KILL her inner a goddess?

Melissa Needham

@Velma, did you NOT read the article? Its not at all about the movie..... Its about a book a fan of "Fifty Shades of Grey" wrote.... 

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