Kylie Jenner Only Attends High School 3 Hours a Day

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kylie jennerTurns out, there aren't enough hours in the day to be a Kardashian -- or even a Jenner. In a recent interview with Ryan Seacrest, Kylie Jenner talked about what it's like being your not-so-average teenager. The 16-year-old bemoaned her work schedule. Her schooling, however? That's a lot less grueling. While she and sister Kendall Jenner used to attend private school together, momager Kris Jenner pulled them out because of their hectic work schedules.

Now, Kylie goes to school at home ... for a whopping three hours a day. That's basically half the time your average high-schooler spends in the classroom. I know Kylie's not average, but she's still a kid. School isn't just about feeding your brain, it's about ensuring healthy development in every arena of a teenager's life.

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Any parent who has chosen home-schooling for their child can tell you that socialization is key. Kylie might be spending time with other people regularly, but since so much of what she does is tied up in the brand Kardashian, it's not like many of those people are her fellow teens. Even if Kylie were a child prodigy (which I'm not disputing), she'd benefit from hanging out with her peers, in exploring interests outside of reality T.V. I'd suggest hand-to-hand combat. That could prove helpful in the coming days as Throbtron's ships grow ever closer.

Anyone who's watched the show lately has seen that the younger girls are having a tough time these times. First there was Kendall's breakdown in Greece, and then this Sunday we were made privy to Kylie's tendency toward hoarding. Both girls seem to be clutching desperately onto anything that help them feel a sense of control and normalcy in their lives. Any parent who homeschools their child knows how important and necessary social development is and finds avenues in this vein to benefit their kids. I don't think having them do radio interviews counts.

Do you think Kylie's hurting from the way her education is being managed?


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mrsda... mrsdangelo

I do agree that the Jenner girls need time to socialize with other their same age, but we don't know that they aren't getting that. Plus, a lot of homeschool kids have short school days, even non-famous ones. They don't have to have extra time to allow for other kids' problems, they learn in their own ways instead of waiting on a teacher to teach to several learning styles. If you think about the amount of time in a seven-hour school day that is spent actually learning, it's probably not a far cry from 3-4 hours. Especially since kids that work are often learning real-world lessons alongside school lessons. (My high school even had a work-study class where kids who had jobs got class credit for working during school.) Look at a celebrity like Felicia Day, who was "homeschooled", but admits to playing video games most of every day, graduated high school at age 16, and went to college on a full-scholarship. It can work.

nonmember avatar Janet

I see nothing wrong with that. The kids that go to public school spend most of the day, eating lunch,walking in and out of the lunch room, senseless time on other garbage.. She will do just fine. She has a great dad and mom, family.. So people chill out..

nonmember avatar Ashley

I was homeschooled and started college at 16. There is nothing wrong with 3-4 hours a day of school as long as you are getting the work done. As far as socializing, if you follow her instagram than you'd see she's with other teenagers all the time and often posts pictures of them hanging out. People always ask me how I handled homeschool and not being with kids my age, but when you're in a traditional school setting you're in class or walking to and from class 90% of the time, not hanging out with your friends. I spent tons of time with friends after school just like kids in public/private school did. Also I don't think Kendall's breakdown or Kylie's "hoarding" are because they are so overworked or "holding on to whatever they can." I think they are teenagers. Teenagers have breakdowns and don't like to get rid of their stuff lol. It's not that big of a deal. I think what is probably the hardest thing on them is the media attention they get and that everything in their life is scrutinized by adults who got to act like teenagers without being judged. Just my opinion though :)

nonmember avatar crystal

Money to her mothers ears.and ya she likes her life style

Shree Mishra

so going to school would have given them the right sense of control and normalcy in their lives, you say? not necesarily. It's subjective.

Ashley Poole

she is fine and home school like some people already said cuts out the garbage and gets the job done


nonmember avatar Stephanie

These girls went to private school (8 hour class days, socializing with people their age, and cheerleading) all their life from elementary to 10th grade. Being home schooled from 11-12th (Kylie) and just 12th (Kendall) for just 3 hours a day is every teens dream. They've already learned the basics and socialized with kids and their family most of their lives so they have that down packed. They still hang out with their old classmates and reminisce and when they used to cheer but now they're focused on being celebs and branding themselves. If I was a 10th grader and you told me the last 2 years of my school life would be home schooling for 3 hours a day away from idiotic teachers and stupid teen drama I'd say "sign me up" and they might go to college who knows the older Kardashians got university degrees before they became famous so the Jenner sisters might follow suit Kendall is more down to earth so I see her in college but Kylie is more materialistic so it's if-y with her. On a last note they are not holding on to a sense of normalcy because they've had it for a long time they became famous (as in people noticing the Jenner girls and their fashion etc) at around 13/14 so they are clinging on to fame more than normalcy really.

Martha Guzman

Who truly cares as this article is one big YAWN..........

nonmember avatar fudgy

Well, home school has benefits especially in the US where bullying and meanness is rife. The average american student is functionally iliterate and doesnt have basic arithmetic, which is the foundation of any career. So home schooling might Just work bcs of the private attention. What May harm those girls is not having life guidance and role models such ad their older siblings.

Donna Arciero-larsen

she belongs in school..its not like the world would be missing out on any great talent..the mother pimps aqll her daughters out.she is sickening!  bruce keep running!


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