Joan Rivers Calls Jennifer Lawrence Arrogant But She’s the One With the Ego

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Sometimes I think Joan Rivers just says things to get a rise out of people. And by sometimes, I mean all the times. Her latest attack on Jennifer Lawrence is not only uncalled for, it’s just plain rude.

It seems Joan got her panties in a bunch over Jennifer’s recent comments about the show Fashion Police. While promoting her latest movie, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the Academy Award winner said, "There's shows like the Fashion Police and things like that are just showing these generations of young people to judge people based on things."

The 23-year-old actress continued:

... they put values in all the things that are wrong and that it's OK to point at people and call them 'ugly' and call them 'fat' and they call it 'fun' and 'welcome to the real world.'

Joan Rivers was having none of that attitude!

Newsflash for Ms. Rivers: There’s a difference between being complimented on your looks and saying thank you, and believing that that’s the most important thing there is about you.

It seems like Joan is the arrogant one, what with her ego all busted up over JLaw not fawning over her show just because she said she was pretty once or twice.

Do you think Joan Rivers' criticism of Jennifer Lawrence is valid?


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adamat34 adamat34

Nope. Joan Rivers has always said she.feels and sticks to it. There is no back and forth with her. Jennifer Lawrence has a hang up about this issue. Its not JRs fault. You make your money, she makes hers. Your am adult, change the channel.

Cooks... Cookster792

I used to like Joan in the old days but not anymore. On Fashion Police I only listen to the guy. I don't understand how any of those woman are qualified to judge anyone.  People are always telling Joan how good she looks and I think are laughling behind her back. She has had way too much plastic surgery, but then again that is her business. Would rather listen to Melissa.

Baile... Bailey8307

Jennifer is completely right and it's pretty sad that such a young woman has so much more wisdom than a woman of Joan's age!

Baile... Bailey8307

Ever since I read about Joan rivers making a joke about someone with a cleft lip I boycott her. Seeing as how my daughter has a cleft it hit close to home, but it also made me realize that I don't need to sit around making fun of people to get a laugh. There are plenty of comedians, Ellen Degeneres for example, who can be very funny with making jokes at someone else's expense.

Baile... Bailey8307

I meant without making jokes at someone's expense!

nonmember avatar Jules

Joan Rivers is a hag. That's it and that's all. Jennifer Lawrence gave a thoughtful, measured response to a question and Rivers responded like an eighth grade mean girl. To get an idea of how much support Jennifer Lawrence is getting for this, check out the comments on People, Us, etc....all nearly universal praise for Jennifer Lawrence, disdain for Rivers. Jennifer Lawrence is the most beloved, powerful young actress in Hollywood....and Rivers thinks that a few tweets from an E! Fashion Police host could, what?...what exactly?...influence people????. That's as laughable as it is embarrassing. it's also worth noting that there are only about 40 articles on this subject...that's not a lot, folks. It's a non story and it only makes Rivers appear even more ridiculous and meanspirited than she already does. Jennifer Lawrence (who has no twitter, btw) has more important things to take care of, I'm certain, than entertain the ravings of a has been old witch.

Evelyn James

Personally I agree with the author, who puts it perfectly well, "There’s a difference between being complimented on your looks and saying thank you, and believing that that’s the most important thing there is about you." Where JR is supposed to carry herself with undying elegance and class, she is clearly tripping in an attempt to meet a little shaming with catty comebacks. I'm SO glad I look to my elders for grace.

EmilyH87 EmilyH87

Arrogance is never a word that would come to my mind when thinking of Jennifer Lawrence.

Msmith7 Msmith7

Jennifer Lawrence is my idol. I'm in a wheelchair and I get judged every single day, Jennifer is saying that it is wrong to judge people on how they look or dress, which is 100% true. Honestly I don't think there's a difference between judging someone on how they look, how they dress, and their personality, it's all wrong. I love JLaw even more now after she said this. Joan really needs to get off her high horse and stop being a hateful person. 

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