Weird Websites: Peep Research!

Weird and wonderful website discovery is a talent of mine. Some people are great painters or chefs...I find funny websites. You may have noticed that my sense of humor is right in line with most 11-year-old boys, so be advised!

Peep Research is a website that is dedicated to Mythbusters-type experiments on everyone's favorite Easter candy, the Marshmallow Peep.

Peep, Peep Experiments

Photo by: Peep


Here are a few of the highlights of the Peep Research website, some important scientific experiments:

  • Peeps, Smoking and Alcohol
  • Fear Response in Peeps - Also known as the microwave experiment.
  • Hot Peeps

What do you think? Is this a great website or what? I know it's silly, immature and very weirdThat's why I knew you would love it!

Peep, Peep Experiments

Photo by: Peep

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