Jenelle Evans Deserves a Pat on the Back ... According to Her

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Jenelle Evans is quickly becoming my favorite Teen Mom. The reality star is just so fun to watch, and I can’t help but root for her to pull her crap together and stay off of drugs and out of jail.

Hopefully she’s on the right track, since she recently sent out a tweet slamming her haters who are waiting for her to screw up instead of cheering on her progress.

She does seem like she’s doing a lot better recently -- I mean, she hasn’t been arrested in three whole months, and that was only for breaking her parole by testing positive for pot. Hey, baby steps, mmmkay?

But there’s no denying that there are a lot of people that love to hate her. Some might even call her the worst mom on TV! Of course people are waiting for her to screw up again, because, well ... she has such a consistent track record of doing so.

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But. I am a big believer in second chances and personal growth and all that jazz, and it’s never too late to get your life on the right track. 

Here’s to hoping that Jenelle keeps on getting better and proves those haters wrong in the end.

Do you think Jenelle will f*** up again?


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Linda Means

Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom 2 is getting her life back on track and not getting into trouble. Can't wait for Teen Mom 2 season 5. I'll bet this new season will be so funny.

nonmember avatar Breanna

I love u jenelle come back plz my mom

Said that y are dumb and a back my i am just like u keep doing what u are doing then we every hates u there really are just jellies

Amy Adams

She is always claiming her life is on track...When you use the fact that you are dating a man as saying ya I got my life together you do not have it together. The second that man and her break up its twitter wars all over again.  Get a real job take care of your kid dont drunk and do drugs then claim you are sober when we know from you not. You stop paying child support only so you dont go to jail for faliure to pay what you already owe. I feel so sorry for Jace he will never know if his mom loves him or the next man she moved in with after two dates.

candy... candyw210

Breanna you need to get your ass in school. Is that really how you talk???!! Re- read what you just typed and tell me you don't sound like a dumb ass.

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