Jon Gosselin's Return to Reality TV Will Humiliate Kate All Over Again

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jon gosselinSome people never learn. Jon Gosselin has been very vocal about the fact that he thinks reality TV has been bad for his family, yet he's signed up for another show. He will appear on the new season of VH1's Couples Therapy. And the (un)lucky woman joining him?

Unfortunately, it's not Kate. That would be epic. Can you imagine the venom that would spew from their mouths during each session? Ratings gold! But no dice. Instead, Jon will take the couch with his girlfriend Liz Jannetta, a single mom of three.

I doubt any fans of the show care about his so-called relationship with this woman. In fact, I am impressed that he can still get a girlfriend at this point. The guy has basically been portrayed as a deadbeat dad and all-around loser in the press. Not many women would go for that. With any luck, he will talk about all his past relationships -- namely his doomed marriage to Kate. Though the entire situation can't make his ex happy. He's likely to embarrass her even more than he already has.

I am sure he will get a lot of flack for returning to reality TV. But honestly, what else is the guy supposed to do. This is the problem with these shows -- they don't prepare you for life in the real world. After having TLC foot the bill for years, then coasting on that fame (or infamy) for awhile, Jon most recently found work as a waiter at a restaurant. It's respectable work, of course. But just think about how much his life has changed for the worse. The bottom line is, it seems he only knows how to do one thing really well and that is to be a douche on TV. There is no doubt the show will paint him as some sort of jerk to make things interesting. Between him and Kate, I can’t help but feel sorry for those poor Gosselin kids.

What do you think of Jon's decision to return to reality TV?

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tiafez tiafez

I don't think it's right to lob names and insultsat him, TLC backed Kate and made it impossible for him to be an involved parent. TLC raisedandruinedthat family and when the marriage fell apart they made Kate a hero and a victim. The real victims are the kids and the only douche in that marriage was Kate. Beial witch pays big, and he got the bad guy label. 

rutha... ruthallen

Really. ... Did you see how she treated him? And that was on camera. Even in the early episodes she was going on about how he didn't do things right. .. Come on its one thing to birch about your husband's short comings to a girlfriend or is a whole different thing to do it on tv... The whole thing ducks for the kids.

Lukas Herval

well I hope things get better for him. read about liz jannetta here:

Tayknmi Azziz

there is nothing wrong with Jon...those '8' would be disciplined, and great, if they hadn't been awarded to 'Kate'. When ever I see her with them, it always looks like she is a daycare keeper, since non of the kids even slightly look like her. As it is, they'll probably grow up neurotic as she is....too bad. Jon should have at least fought to have total custody of his sons, Kate emasculates men.

nonmember avatar Ann S

You can knock him all you want at least he isn't dragging the kids on this show as Kate did Wife Swap with a woman who made a Porn film and did threesomes with Hugh Hefner. Y'all think OK for Kate to whore after TV/Radio appearances but for Jon it's a no no. Hypocrites.

Shana Sek

I agree with all of the comments, and disagree with the writer.... 

BarbM... BarbMulkey

I tell ya based on what i saw from John and kate it's Kate that is the bad guy her.  She's controling and condescending and treated John like crap. I also agree that the only victims here are the kids.

Kathy Peters-Grimm

You go Jon.It sounds like everyone is on your side including me :)

nonmember avatar Eagle

Whaaaaa? Kate doesnt need Jon to humiliate her. She does a great job of making an ass of herself every chance she gets. And Liz is his girlfriend, not his "girlfriend". Do your research.

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