LeAnn Rimes' Latest Publicity Stunt Was at Least for a Good Cause

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leann rimesSometimes I am right about things. Other times (don't tell anyone) I am very, very wrong. Sometimes I have grand sweeping opinions about things that are ultimately of zero consequence. Yesterday all of these things happened at once in an article I wrote about LeAnn Rimes. I dissed and dismissed LeAnn for using Brandi Glanville's burgeoning fame for strictly selfish reasons. I pointed out that this was gross.

While I still stand by the grossness and the fame-grabbing, I am slightly pink-cheeked over what, exactly, LeAnn and Eddie Cibrian were up to that had her mysteriously tweeting about "danger." Turns out that while I was sneering and eating a whole pizza, LeAnn was participating in an event to benefit war veterans.

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Sources say I am a "pot-stirrer, eager to look for any failing LeAnn might make with no thoughts to her complexity as a human being." Those sources are correct. LeAnn, I still think the way you and Brandi go at it is weird and gross, but I can't get my hate-on and direct it toward you when you are skydiving in order to help veterans achieve their own skydiving dreams. Because I am not a total monster, pizza consumption levels aside. Herein ends my apology. Please picture me standing outside of your window holding up a boombox that is blasting "Blue."

ALL OF THAT SAID -- I cannot help but wonder whether or not LeAnn and Eddie would have still hosted this event if they weren't also shooting a six-part reality mini-series about their life and marriage. There was an awful lot of making out captured for a day about community service to our vets. "SUSPECT," I cry. "The whole deal is suspect!" Then I wipe a pepperoni from atop my bosom and carry on with my day feeling only slightly better about my non-existent relationship with LeAnn Rimes.

Do you think LeAnn's motives in hosting the event were genuine?


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Jennifer Row McCaughey

Don't be too hard on yourself, I think your instincts are right on. She is shamelessly and relentlessly trying to sell herself to us and I'm not buying any of it.

nonmember avatar guest

You right the first time. She didn't do this for charity. This is going to be on her reality tv show. Why would she talk about having sex with Eddie if this was for charity? Do celebs normally talk about sex when they do charity events? When this appears on their reality tv show will you call Leann on?

Word is that Leann has a new account that she is stalking Brandi with. It's name is Irene Sybil.

nonmember avatar Stonegoddess

Leann would never do anything unless it benefitted her needs/wants first. In fact, when she tweeted about the event afterwards, there was no mention of the fact that it was for chariety or to honour wounded veterans.

She is completely selfish & without class. They are both vile people through. Can't wait until we get to watch this entire thing implode.

nonmember avatar J

All of you judgy bitches who *know* the ends and outs of a person's heart by reading gossip magazines really are pathetic and must have very dull lives. Why not worry about yourselves and jump off your high horse judgment seat. I'm sure there are plenty of people looking down their noses at you. Get over your *perfect* selves.

nonmember avatar P

@ J - I don't need to read the gossip magazines! Just go to her Twitter TL, it's all there for everyone to see. If she insists on putting the level of crazy out there that she does, people will have an opinion. Narcissistic doesn't even begin to cover it.

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