Kristen Stewart Thinks Turkey & Stuffing Will Make Robert Pattinson Love Her

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Kristen Stewart Robert PattinsonOh boy. Wait until you hear this one. I know she's probably desperate to patch up things between them and live happily ever after -- but supposedly Kristen Stewart wants to cook Thanksgiving dinner for Robert Pattinson. (Of course she does.) I mean, what man can resist a woman who has decent skills in the kitchen?!?

According to a source who talked to Hollywood Life, "It's something that's been on her mind for a while now. She wants it to be extra special because she knows Rob will be leaving the country after Thanksgiving to begin filming Queen of the Desert."

The insider also adds, "She wants Rob to know how much she cares about him and appreciates him. She's been researching different recipes and just wants everything to be perfect."

Aww. Don't you feel kinda bad for her, given how pathetic this whole deal sounds? I always pegged KStew as a gal who is way too hip and modern to buy into the "way to a man's heart is through his stomach" thing, but apparently she's willing to give it a shot.

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Sure, Rob might enjoy the meal. He's a dude and dudes generally like to get their eat on. But does she really think throwing a turkey into the oven and whipping up a batch of mashed potatoes is going to make him forget everything that's happened in the past?

And what if he's not even around for Thanksgiving? There's a little rumor going around that Rob is taking Dylan Penn to Hawaii sometime in the near future for a romantic getaway. Maybe they'll be jetting off to paradise in lieu of spending Thanksgiving in L.A.?

If Rob and Kristen do wind up spending the holiday together, however, she probably shouldn't expect too much from him after the meal is finished. It's probably going to take a little bit more than dinner to get him to commit to her again.

(And I wouldn't get my hopes up about him sticking around to do dishes either if I were her.)

Do you think Rob and Kristen should spend Thanksgiving together to see how things go?


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Tonya Sills

aww  pilgrim2pilgrim1 best of luck

Guy-Julie Janssen-Jeffery

Go ahead to do him bec to show u still care and love him forever and want to get marry and have family that u are ready.

Denise Watkins


Patricia Rust

I do think it is a very good idea,two friends spending Thanksgiving together is great.

weather or not it will lead to anything,well thats not for anyone of us to say,and also it is not any of our business including yours Mary Fischer,so please just leave them alone,thank you


Nicki Mcdaniel

Awesome! That's love right there. Idk how that sounds "pathetic".. It's romantic and my husband loves when we have special dinners. And stop acting like Kristen has to persuade Rob ..he obviously loves her so why would he not want to have dinner with her?.. Y'all are stupid

Coles... Coles_mom

I doubt he has a usual Thanksgiving tradition seeing how he's British. :)

Floser Lebrun

yes she is entitled to his chance, he must stop tjrs thought to go!

Marilyn Mel

wow !! that makes no sense ,When you check out Rob's site , it's saying him and Dylan are going away on a holiday together ,and that the two of them are in a romance ,these editors are making up a pack of lies !! I don't think they know what is going on with either of them .I wish it were true and they could get back together but as of now who knows .shrugging

nonmember avatar Janna

More rubbish to the Rob/Kristen scenario. Rob would defintely be the turkey if that was so. I am sure he will be spending the holiday with Dylan and her family, or better yet, he may go home since he will be away filming for a couple of months. I think the great love is over, too much water under the bridge.

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