Khloe Kardashian’s Marriage to Be Front & Center Next Season on ‘KUWTK’

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khloe kardashian I have always liked Khloe Kardashian the most of all the Kardashians. Yeah, even more than Kourtney Kardashian whose inability to register any affect has long brought me great joy. True, Khloe might not save humankind from the cruel and suction-cuppy tentacle-clutches of the aliens of Throbtron in the not so distant future (*cough* Kim Kardashian *cough*), but she has a great sense of humor and has always seemed to prioritize her marriage.

That's why I'm of two minds when it comes to the news that Khloe and Lamar Odom's disintegrating marriage will be the focus of the next season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. On the one hand, how could it not be? They can't ignore the giant, possibly drug-addled, elephant in the room for much longer.

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Plus, making them the centerpiece explains the hard push on the Khloe confessionals they've edited into this season of the show. But on the other (tentacle-riddled) hand, it's a trifle disappointing. I don't mean in terms of content -- the family K always produces on that front. I mean in terms of what it says about Khloe. I've also respected her stance when it came to her marriage. Khloe kept that ish sacred and as private as possible in her very public family.

In a way, it feels like Khloe must not have had a choice about this angle. I can't see Khloe doing this unless she was left with no other options than to present her marriage, fissures and all, to the public for inspection. If she's going into it happily, that means the entire personality Khloe's displayed since she first became a reality T.V. fixture has been little more than a figment. Being a Kardashian, the notion that her very personality (as we know it) isn't the genuine article shouldn't be shocking, but still -- that's where I find myself if this option is true, feeling shocked.

Do you think Khloe's been faking who she is for the camera, or that things with Lamar have gotten so bad that she didn't have any other options?


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nonmember avatar debbie lane

Love u so much. It doesn't matter w what happens. Love the Family. everything about. k family. Kim got what she wanted. Love is strong. Kirs. Strong and in control of everything. Rob u b OK ..Kurt.. Family always cum first key..Ken. support love is strong.

Bobette Bowden

Love Khloe to pieces and don't for one minute think she is fake! I believe if this is true then she had no choice or maybe is just tired of being walked all over by Lamar(which I hope isn't true cuz love him too). Khloe has and always will be my favorite Kardashian.

MrsPe... MrsPerez_2011

Khloe is in no way fake! This is a very private family matter. No one knows what was going on behind closed doors! Now she has no choice but to bring it to the world, as it has been on the front page of every tabloid. I wish peace & light for this beautiful couple.

Dawn Hatch

I honestly believe that Khloe could never be fake, it is not in her, she is too honest and open. I know she has been dealing with an ugly mess with what Lamar had been putting her through, it is a very tough thing loving someone with an addiction, trust me I know I have dealt with it in my life, the only difference is mine was my mother where she is dealing with the man she loves. My heart breaks for her. I just know she needs her family to know the truth so she is not dealing with this alone. And Lamar needs to pull his damn stupid head out of his ass before he ends up losing her and become his father all over again.

Yolanda Hasbeenthruitall Jones

I just wish they leave Khloe and Lamar alone!!!Because they're in the public they are subject to scrutiny and that's not fair to them.I believe in Khloe and Lamar and if the public stay out of there marriage they will be fine.They are alrady dealing with a lot personally, so why should they give a flying fuck what ya'll think as a whole...

nonmember avatar Lauren Mac

Khloe has ALWAYS been the most upfront and honest Kardashian. She is contracted to a reality show, and therefor she will be 'real'. I admire her for fulfilling her 'contractual obligations' without slamming her husband and trashing her marriage. Kim could learn a lot from her.

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