Farrah Abraham Wants to Find Out Why She Can't Keep a Man

Stuck in Reality 4

Farrah AbrahamDespite being a singleton, reportedly Backdoor Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is joining the cast of Couples Therapy, which Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra just vacated. Farrah has supposedly convinced producers that even though she doesn't have a boyfriend (what happened to this dude?), she should be let on the show so she can figure out WHY it is she can't keep a relationship together. Three words, Farrah: Backdoor Teen Mom.

Err, no, seriously. Hey. If Kim Kardashian with her sex tape past can snag not one husband, but two, why shouldn't Farrah? A source says:

Farrah is definitely appearing on the next season of VH1's 'Couples Therapy.' She was desperate to be on it last season, but since she couldn't get anyone to go on it with her, Catelynn [Lowell] and Tyler [Baltierra] from 'Teen Mom' were cast instead. Well, she still can't find anyone to go on the show with her so they are allowing her to appear solo! Basically they are going to bring people from her past -- family, friends, ex-boyfriends -- to help her understand why she can't make any of her relationships work and they fail.

It's going to take a special personality to not only mind Farrah's "accidental" porn tape, but her obsession with her "career." My guess is that while this might shrink the male prospects, it wouldn't shrink them down to zero. So in terms of what is sabotaging her relationships, it must be something inside of Farrah. (Insert sex toy joke here.)

Anyway, it should be interesting to see Dr. Jenn Berman giving Farrah the ol' concerned furrowed brow. And to see which male cast member begins hitting on her, despite his wife being in the house.

Do you know why Farrah can't keep a relationship?


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adamat34 adamat34

Ummmm might be out on a limb.....could it be she fucked a dude on camera?????

elle7777 elle7777

Because she is incredibly annoying and self-absorbed?

nonmember avatar kaye2626

Wellll, let's see. ...narcissistic, habitually lying, tranny faced, sociopath who lives in delusional world.That would be my guess.

Connie Parsons

If I'm not mistaken there's already a show on VH1 called tough love for single people to find out why they are not in relationship so why does she have to be on this show .. Man she is so annoying if we stop talking about her maybe she'll just go away...

and get that pacifier Out of that babies mouth

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