'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry's Man Gets Girly to Make Her Happy

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Teen Mom's Kailyn Lowry is a lucky lady. Not only is she waited on hand and foot by husband Javi Marroquin during her pregnancy, but now he's braiding her hair? COME ON. Stop the cuteness. Just kidding, don't stop.

Due to go into labor any day now with her second child, Kail has been married for almost two months. The newlywed has been the interior decorator of their new house in Delaware and sent her first son, Isaac, off to school for the first time this year. She's been a busy bee, and obviously Javi knows it.

What an awesome husband. I can't say I know of any boyfriend or husband that does their gal's hair. But he looks totally relaxed in her picture -- and it's a pretty good braid too! Javi probably thought nothing of it and was just looking to make Kailyn happy.

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Perhaps our men can learn a lesson from Javi. Girls appreciate when you do things for them, especially when we're sick, uncomfortable, or, in this case, pregnant. Men going out of their comfort zone to put a smile on their wives' face can definitely go a long way.

What's the sweetest thing your guy has done for you while you were sick or pregnant?

Image via KailLowry/Instagram 

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mamab... mamabear1020

my husband braids my hair all the time. its very, very long and sometimes its easier for him to do it for me. I dont need to be sick or pregnant for him to do sweet things for me. 

nonmember avatar Kneeecoal

They've actually been married for over a year

nonmember avatar Amy

When me and my hubby now for almost 2 years . We were only dating for about 2 weeks at the time and I was sick and had a really bad headache and he was out w his Mom suppose to go see a movie . And him and his Mom came to my house just to bring me Tylenol . He always takes pretty good care of me though even when I'm not sick

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