Robert Pattinson's Getaway With Dylan Penn Is Exactly What He Needs

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Robert PattinsonWhoa. I definitely didn't see this one coming. Just when we thought he might be in the midst of rekindling things with Kristen Stewart -- there's a report saying Robert Pattinson is taking Dylan Penn to Hawaii for a little rendezvous in an effort to "get to know her better."

According to The Daily Star, he wants to "keep his options open" right now and is looking forward to the getaway since they've been "seeing each other casually for months."

A vacation in Hawaii, huh? We all know what goes on when two sexy, unattached people take a trip together, right?

Yes, exactly. Lots of "stuff" that Kristen Stewart isn't going to be too thrilled about.

But let's forget about KStew and whether or not she and Rob ever have a shot at getting back together. Can I get a show of hands as to who else thinks heading to Hawaii with Dylan is exactly what Rob needs right about now?

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The poor dude has had to contend with more drama than anyone should be forced to deal with, so it's about high time that he literally took a break and stopped to catch his breath. And what better place to do that than in Hawaii with a hot blonde? They can relax on the beach and talk like two civilized people -- hopefully without too many cameras nearby. (One can dream.)

And they can take surfing lessons and go to luaus and rent a jeep and go frolic in picturesque waterfalls -- no wait, scratch that. The last thing he needs is to be reminded of is a scene straight out of Breaking Dawn.

But seriously, don't you think a little time away will help him realize that there are plenty of fish in the sea (like Dylan) -- and that he should take a step back and enjoy himself without getting caught up in KStew mania again?

I'm all for this trip. Rob and Dylan should get on a plane today.

Do you think time away with another woman will help Rob move on from Kristen?


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Barb Jarvi

Are you really sure he's going with Dylan or is it someone else? You spred gossip like water.

Linda Kimpton Murrell

Haha   nice one Barb could'nt have put it better myself 

Marilyn Mendez

Robert will gateway to the moon with a lot of women, but if he will continue obsess with Kristen, he never, ever will gonna be happy until he is back with Kris... So, is Rob decision, also I hope that Kristen find someone that love her, not matter she did or does, or mistake that she did or will does.... She deserve someone that not hurt and maltreats her anymore... and that help her to FORGET that mama's boy of Rob.....

Ann Ricciutti Goessel

i too am sick of everyone bashing kristen stewart.  we have no idea what kind of person robert pattinson is.  everyone thinks he's the greatest (me too) but that doesn't mean he was the best boyfriend.  obviously she wasn't getting something from him or she wouldn't of strayed.  i do not condone cheating, but i just wish they would get together and work on themselves being a couple without everyone bashing and judging their every move.

Susan Ann Rogers

ok all this is getting old and he is doing is giving Kristen a little taste of the medicine from what she did, but that will never make things any better they need to GROW UP


Yeysel Guevara

I wanted him with Kristen: (make a beautiful couple but if he's happy and he also respected ...

Alex O'Brien

I guess as long as the dimwits keep believing this crap, trash like this will continue to be written.

Vic Toria

Beats me! The only person that knows is RPat.

Rona Levinsky

He can take her wherever he wants, she is not Kristen.

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