LeAnn Rimes' Latest Cry for Attention Takes Dangerous Turn

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leann rimesLeAnn Rimes, you don't fool me for even half a second. The woman can bray on (and she will) about how she is her own person and doesn't want to be connected with Brandi Glanville forever, but we all know better. I mean, outside of the obvious fact that she is stepmother to Brandi's kids, it's clear LeAnn has every intention of taking Brandi's modicum of fame and redirecting it toward herself.

It's like that scene in The Mummy where mirrors are used to harness the sun's powers and close down the pyramid trapping everyone inside: LeAnn's machinations will surely be her end. If you doubt me, please hearken to what the lady has done this 'round in the "look at me, look at me" games she is so intent upon playing.

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Mrs. Eddie Cibrian hopped on Twitter and began to kick up a storm, as she is so fond of doing. This time, her tactics were a little different. Rather than baiting Brandi, she played coy. LeAnn tweeted about her husband having "half-way" convinced her to do something "dangerous." Ugh, woman, please. I am not a toddler and thus my curiosity is not so easily piqued. (Yeah I am aware of the irony implicit in saying that and then WRITING A WHOLE ARTICLE ABOUT IT, but I am vast and contain multitudes.)

I don't know what Eddie has in mind for his little miss, but I doubt it's, like, a serial murder spree or anything truly shocking. Odds are Eddie just wants her to go skydiving or bungee jumping or something twee and Instagram-y. Why didn't LeAnn just come out and say it if she was going to tweet about it at all? Because if she did that, people might ignore her and pay more attention to Brandi, whose show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills JUST started back up again. I don't think that timing is coincidental. LeAnn is many things, but oblivious to the T.V. schedule of her ex's husband's wife is so not one of those things.

Do you think LeAnn is being deliberately obtuse in a bid to redirect our focus from Brandi to her?


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worki... workingmama86

You seriously wrote a whole article over a little tweet? okay then...

nonmember avatar J

You my dear are pretty pathetic. She made a simple tweet a lot of people would and appears normal. What is with your constant hate of her and need to relate everything she does to Brandi? Kind of a far stretch to even call this a story. I hate when people have to pick a part every little thing people do and read into EVERYTHING. Leave her alone and quite trying to promote gossip.

Jacee... Jacee2348

^^Seriously, what they said.^^  This is a non-story.........

nonmember avatar Anony

To the author: get a life, and stop reading into things that there is nothing to read into.

Jennifer Haugan Ceynar

Uggghhh, seriously, some of the crap "stories" that I am wasting my time on here reading...time to unlike the page, I think... :(

nonmember avatar Snagglepuss

I'm guessing its double penetration with a little choke play. We shall see.

nonmember avatar guest

Leann didn't say what it was because they were filming for their reality tv show. She was tweeting about one of the scenes for the show.

nonmember avatar Snaford

I didn't read the article - didn't have to as I got all I needed from the comments. Sadly, Ms. Stokes got exactly what she needed from you - the read and the post. Next time just read, shake your head and don't say anything. Junk like this only goes on as long as you pay attention. Better yet, note the authors name and treat accordingly.

Shon Jimenez

Snagglepuss said penetration....

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