Jamie Dornan's '50 Shades' Costar Says He'll Be an 'Amazing' Christian

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jamie dornanPeople seemed to be mixed on the fact that hunky British actor Jamie Dornan nabbed the role of Christian Grey after Charlie Hunnam backed out. Some are thrilled, because, well, look at him; while others still can't get over the fact that Matt Bomer or Ian Somerhalder didn't land the role. Me? I think the decision is just dandy. I'd never thought of Dornan as Christian Grey before it was announced, but it's hard to be unhappy with a 5 o'clock-shadowed man with an accent who looks good in his underwear.

But. Turns out there's more to Dornan than just skivvies and 'ello mates! One of Jamie's Fifty Shades co-stars just spoke out about him playing Christian, and, spoiler alert: The dude's going to be fantastic.

E! recently had a stop and chat with Zero Dark Thirty star, Jennifer Ehle, who plays Christian's mother in the film, and according to her, "Jamie will be amazing" in the film. Hear that, skeptics? Amazing.

Now, obviously it would be pretty weird and unprofessional for Ehle to say, "Eh, he'll probably eek by on his looks," but I can't help but get all a titter hearing Jamie's name and the word "amazing" in the same sentence. Don't you agree?

The movie doesn't come out for some time, so guess we'll all just have to wait to form our own opinions. But until then, let's go on thinking Jamie is "amazing" as Christian.

What do you think about Dornan playing Christian Grey?


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Christine Lindquist

Fifty Shades of Grey (2014) - IMDb 

Um guys,you should REALLY learn to check your facts BEFORE posting on your site.According to IMDb,Jennifer Ehle is set to play ANASTASIA's mom,not Christian's! Get your facts straight,stop posting crap from rag magazines(i.e. The National Inquirer) or gossip web sites.People(Especially Fifty Shades fans,like myself) don't want petty news casts that will likely change at any minute.People want REAL news from REAL news providers.


ShayL... ShayLayne

Yep I agree ^^^^^^^

Cynthia Trudeau

i think he is going to be great too

Liz Young

I am with them.


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