'Teen Mom' Chelsea Houska Is Following in Farrah Abraham's Footsteps

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Chelsea HouskaTeen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska has signed with new management. Good for her! Er, we hope anyway. The thing is, our favorite cosmetologist has officially inked a deal with none other than Howie Wood Entertainment, a management team that once represented Farrah Abraham!

Farrah Abraham as in fellow Teen Mom star and maker of some colossally bad decisions over the past year or so. Heaven help us!

Chelsea is one of the few stars of Teen Mom who has lived a life that's more or less scandal-LESS, and we love her all the more for living a sex-tape-free existence (hey, as far as we know). Seeing her follow in Farrah's footsteps -- even if it is just by signing with the same management team -- is enough to give us agita.

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The good news is the Howie Wood team only represented Farrah once. Despite rumors to the contrary, Wood himself told The Stir:

The fact is I have only booked Farrah for one club appearance and have never been her manager or provided my company or services to her further, I would not be interested.

She was represented by Gina Rodriguez -- who is rumored to be suing Farrah, b-t-dubs -- during the whole sex tape debacle.

And if Wood isn't interested in repping Farrah again, hopefully that means he knows better than to let his clients follow her lead. Here's hoping Chelsea is in good hands!

What would you like to see Chelsea doing now that she's got big management?


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nonmember avatar Holly Mason

Well ... they will pay way more for her a$$ .. Far rah was basically giving it away and nobody wants that ..

Samantha Aleshire

Dont do porn please your a great mom get into movies or something write a book NO porn please

Eddie... EddiesMama1983

Maybe she'll get another reality show like Jerseylicious

candy... candyw210

I love Chelsea! She and Maci were my favorite teen moms!! Adam was a moron for the way he treated Cheslsea, but she will  be the one laughing all the way to the bank!! Glad these two moms are doing well for themselves and actually taking responsibility for their children and their lives instead of leaching off their parents and going out partying all the time leaving the kids w grandma or grandpa to raise them like some of the moms we have seen! Oh and I also love Tyler and Caitlyn; they made the best decision for their sweet baby girl and glad they are still together and going strong!

nonmember avatar Trevor

@candy...chelsea is the biggest leach! I am Adam's cousin and know way more then what the cameras show. MTV makes the girls to be saints and the guys to be total dicks, which is certainly not the case here. Adam hates this show. He needs to get that girl away from chelsea.

nonmember avatar Johny

If you really are his cousin get me her number cuz she is dope as hell

James Troyer

Chelsea's gorgeous in my book and seems to be a very decent person at heart (if I were in her circle of acquaintances she'd have forgotten about the immature and often ridiculous Adam long before she did), but wow, she must get somewhat tired of constantly playing the role of the lovable dimwit.

nonmember avatar Katie

Chelsea is my favorite. She is so sweet and pretty, Aubree is about the cutest thing in the history of the universe, and her mom and dad are just the greatest- it's no wonder she turned out alright! I hope all goes well for her.

nonmember avatar Sara

@Trevor- MTV can't MAKE anyone be anything. each individual has the power to make all their own decisions. yes, the show is edited and certain things are left out, but they are not able to force any of the participants to do anything against their own will. I recall plenty of awful text messages and derogatory comments made by Adam, aired on the show. Chelsea is not innocent, and she definitely participated in the awful debacle by continuing to engage in that abusive relationship. Adam stated he wished he had signed over his parental rights and now has several DUIs under his belt. as a recovering addict, i believe it's essential to get one's own life in order before trying to re-enter a child's life. some humility seems apt at this moment in time. amends should be made without the expectation of the other party making their own. anyone even remotely involved in that child's life should have the presence of mind to not trash either of her parents. you're not doing Adam any favors by encouraging the discourse.

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