Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Aren't Done Just Yet

khloe and lamarFor months now, it's seemed like Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom were all but a signature away from divorce. There have been rumors of Khloe kicking Lamar out of the house; rumors of Khloe flirting with other men; and rumors of the Kardashian-Odom residence being put up for sale. But, as it turns out, some of these rumors are just that: Rumors.

According to Khloe, she and Lamar are not putting their house up for sale, and nobody's going anywhere. She tweeted: "If u want 2 make up stories that I'm selling my home at least use images AFTER I renovated. LOL I can't stand those horrendous old images."

Sooooo are you saying there's a chance you and Lamar will patch things up, Khloe?


A few weeks ago, I thought for sure these two were done. But now? Now I'm not so sure. Not only does Khloe evidently have no plans to sell the home she shares with Lamar, the pair have reportedly been spending a lot of time together lately, hitting up a Kanye West concert; attending Kris Jenner's birthday; and spending a quiet evening alone for Lamar's birthday. What gives?

I'm guessing Lamar has cleaned up his act a bit. Whether he's getting actual help for his addiction, or he's simply stopped being a rude and cocky turd -- something must have changed. He was bad there for a minute, guys. Remember when he said that Khloe "loves him too much to leave him"? Gross.

At least I'm hoping Lamar has cleaned up his act a bit. Because if Khloe is taking him back and everything is still status quo, I think we'll all be witnessing the same thing again in a few months. Stay strong, Khloe.

Do you think Khloe should take Lamar back?


Image via Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

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