'DWTS' Recap: Painfully Shocking Elimination Leaves Us Breathless

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OMG. By far, tonight's trio dances were the highlight of the entire Dancing With the Stars season -- so far, that is. It's so entertaining and fun to see the contestants show off just how much they've learned up until this point.

The clear front runners have definitely emerged. Based on dancing skills alone, it will be a real shocker if Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff don't take home the mirror ball trophy. Um, did you even believe his jazz routine tonight? Hell, he even made Carrie Ann Inaba drop an f-bomb, which never happens.

(And how amazing was Elizabeth Berkley's salsa with Val Chmerkovskiy and Gleb Savchenko? I wouldn't mind being in the middle of that sandwich. Just sayin'.)

But let's cut to the chase -- the real f-bombs came at the end of the show when Tom Bergeron finally announced who is not going on to the semi-finals next week.

How in the hell did Elizabeth and Val wind up with a lower number of votes than Bill Engvall and Emma Slater?

Seriously -- when Tom announced that tonight was the end of the road for Elizabeth, I looked up at the ceiling and let out a huge "Noooooooo!!!"

I mean absolutely no disrespect to Bill, because he's about as lovable as DWTS cast members get. But he's clearly the worst dancer, and this is a dancing competition. Elizabeth Berkley kicked ass tonight and did not deserve to have her time on the show cut short.

Ugh. I feel awful for her. And it was obvious that she and Val were totally blindsided by their elimination, based on the confident looks on their faces before their names were read.

But I have to admit that I have almost as much sympathy for Bill, because he knows his time on the show should've been over a few weeks ago.

If this pattern continues, however, I'd say there's a great chance that Bill could wind up winning the whole deal. Damn. Who knew a comedian would prove to have the most loyal fans out of all the competitors?

It will be very interesting to see what happens next week, to say the least. Watch out Jack, Corbin, Leah, and Amber -- Bill Engvall is comin' for all of ya.

Are you rooting for Bill? And do you think Elizabeth deserved to go home?


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nonmember avatar Howard

Tonight was a travesty and after previous shocking results, has put the show off my watching list. The voting seems fishy. Almost like the outcome has been per-determined, and dancing is not part of the outcome!!!

Elizabeth Squires

Bill should have gone home, NOT Elizabeth. Tonight's elimination highlighted once again the flaws of having fans' votes count for 50%. It would be better if fan votes counted for 30% or 40% and more weight were given to the judges, who aren't biased.

nonmember avatar William B.


nonmember avatar Joe C.

If viewers don't feel like their votes matter, then they're less likely to watch. Lower ratings equal less chance the show will be picked up the next season. So they kind of have to keep the viewer vote equal to the judges' scoring. It also helps negate the question of bias in said scoring. The judging is done in a highly subjective manner, and many of the contestants have connections to the ABC/Disney media conglomerate, so bias will always be at least considered as a possibility by normal viewers.

As for why Bill Engvall is still around when better dancers aren't... Quite simply, he's getting the vast majority of the country vote. Country music and country comedy have always been intertwined and Bill is highly regarded. If someone like Kellie Pickler was on this season, a split vote probably would've had him gone weeks ago.

keelh... keelhaulrose

This is what happens when you have people vote. People want to have a say, but get mad when it changes a talent competition into a popularity contest.

2rcom4t 2rcom4t

This is what happens when people vote for their favorites because their FUN to watch. I'm a BIG FAN of Bill Engval but haven't voted for him for two Weeks because he just can't dance very well. Yes he is fun to watch but not at this level. 

nonmember avatar Michele

I missed it tonight but It's weird to read some of these comments because the group I watch DWTS with absolutely couldn't stand Elizabeth Berkley. They hated everything from her eyes (huh?) to her dancing. I don't quite understand their absolute disgust with her but they loudly express it EVERYTIME she danced, men and women. They like Bill. I like Bill, he just gets so excited when he's not eliminated, it amuses me. I understand the best dancer should win, myself being a dancer, BUT this show has never been about the dancing or someone like Bill (no training ) would not be allowed to compete against Elizabeth (dance training ). It's always been this way, from season 1. By the end, most won't remember their outrage of Berkleys early exit.

nonmember avatar Donna

If it were meant to be solely a dancing competition, judged by strict dance standards, the public would not be voting at all, as most of them have no idea what the standards are. It is meant to be part popularity, or based on who the public likes and enjoys on the show. Bill Engval is very popular, a very likable, nice guy. Nobody likes to mention it, but Elizabeth Berkley has had a mixed affair with the public for years. She was very unpopular for many years, based on her movie choices and how she played those roles. And I found her totally unlikable on the show. No contestant ever talked so much as she has, given so many self-important, self-inflated opinions. I don't think her dance partner likes her at all, can hardly stand her. She considers herself his "co-star," yet he considers her just his student. I was very happy to see her go. She dances fine, for someone who has spent her whole life studying dance, but her body isn't put together right for a real dancer. Compare her to the pro dancing women. All of them are built right for dance, but E. is just gangly looking. Bill has personality that says, "I'm here to entertain and delight you." YOU. Elizabeth says, "Look at me. I'm here for you to admire me." Not surprising she went home. The public really doesn't like her very much, and this dance contest showed her very unlovable side.

Barbara Hardy

That's it!!! After Snooki was eliminated and now Elizabeth? Not watching any more!!!

nonmember avatar downton duck

Elizabeth reminded me of Glorida Swanson in Sunset Blvd. Those manic eyes!

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