Scott Disick Is Completely Unrecognizable in Strange Instagram Pic (PHOTO)


scott disick, kourtneyScott Disick has done a lot of things for attention. His fashion sense, for one, is enough to nab headlines -- he actually wears an ascot sometimes! Not to mention his hard partying. But this latest stunt takes the cake. It's wacky, weird, and completely unexpected. Check it out below:

This is a photo Scott posted of himself in disguise.

Totally unrecognizable, right? Just 30 years old, Scott looked in his 60s in that getup. He sported the costume to attend the Kardashian family yard sale for charity in Woodland Hills, California on Sunday. Normally, I would dismiss it as a cheap publicity ploy, but he's gone through a tough time in recent months. His mother Bonnie passed away after battling an illness for quite some time. Scott, surely still reeling from the tragedy, may have been in need of a little levity. This crazy disguise just may have helped take his mind off that heartbreaking loss.

"Grew the beard out for winter," he playfully quipped in the caption. And actually, it's far from his worst look. I once saw him sporting a paisley blazer that looked like something you'd find in the bottom of a Petri dish. He certainly marches to his own drama where men's fashion is concerned. But you have to respect his independent streak. He likes what he likes -- even if no one else does too. Though I can't imagine Kourtney is too keen on the "old man" look. I'm sure it was just something he did for the occasion.

What do you think of Scott's disguise -- cool or weird?


Images via Splash and Instagram


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nonmember avatar Jaimee

If I had the pap around me like they did I would hide too! He's going through a huge loss and can't shake their cameras! It's sad that's what one is left to do to grieve.

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