Justin Bieber's Troubled Tour of South America Gets Even Worse

Justin Bieber is quite possibly the worst Canadian ambassador, like, ever, in the history of travel. Even in Brazil, which is known for its sexy locals, thong bikinis, and carefree attitude, residents and officials reached their breaking point. Biebs breezed in, stomped on their flag, had a hissy fit at his concert, was kicked out of a hotel, and is wanted by police in Rio de Janeiro for reportedly defacing another luxury hotel with his awful brand of graffiti -- which, judging by his Instagram, includes images of penguins and scawy monsters. 

And now the 19-year-old is embarrassing himself even more by carrying his little act to Argentina where, let's just say, he's not making many friends. Oh, and where he might end up having to sleep in his (extremely huge and comfortable) car. 


Bieber was kicked out of the Hotel Faena in Buenos Aires because his insane fans, which Justin himself refers to as "Beliebers," pulled the ultimate crazy and destroyed hotel property while camping out and waiting for their idol to grace them with his appearance. I guess the hotel didn't realize just how destructive teen girls can be, but now that it -- and other nearby hotels -- are on to their shenanigans, they are refusing to let Justin stay in their digs. Now Biebs' people are struggling to find him a place where he can party lay his weary head. 

Okay, maybe we shouldn't blame the singer for his fans' behavior. But we can definitely blame him for his own silliness while on this tour. The visits to brothels. The party he threw for 30 handpicked girls at a mansion after being kicked out of his Rio hotel. And, of course, the senseless acts of graffiti vandalism that may get him arrested if he ever steps foot into Brazil again. 

It sounds like the folks in Argentina are not going to put up with Bieber's nonsense either, and I cringe to think of how many foolish things he will do there before he hops on another plane. He's already managed to contract food poisoning and had to be hooked up to an intravenous drip, which is kind of nuts considering how amazing and fresh the food is in Buenos Aires. (Oh, did you think I was going to comment on how silly it is that he needed an IV? No, this is a kid whose security guards carried him up the Great Wall of China, so there's nothing at all surprising about that.)

What crazy thing do you think Justin will do next on his tour?

Image via justinbieber/Instagram

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