Jennifer Lawrence's Reaction to Fame Makes Kristen Stewart Look Ungrateful

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Jennifer LawrenceWe're in agreement that Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most likable people in show business, right? She's funny, she's authentic, she's humble, and she just generally seems like an awesome person I could totally imagine being friends with. Is that a creepy thing to say? Because I mean it in a non-creepy, perfectly normal, non-contributing-to-fawning-celebrity-worship sort of way. It's just that I ... I LOVE HER SO MUCH.

*clears throat awkwardly, stuffs JLAW4EVA Trapper Keeper under bed*

Anyway, clearly I'm a fan, but one of Lawrence's recent Hunger Games press conferences really drives home how different she is than, say, another young female actress who rocketed to fame at the helm of a wildly popular YA-based movie franchise. And by different I mean "superior in every single way, particularly her lack of sulking."

When Lawrence was doing press for Catching Fire on Friday, she shared a story about a young fan who had been inspired by the Hunger Games story:

On the first movie, there was a girl who was an extra, and she was covered in scars, she had been burned. And she came up to me and said that she was too self-conscious to go to school when she was younger. And then when she read 'The Hunger Games' and 'Catching Fire,' she was proud of her scars and her friends called her the 'girl on fire.'

I remember crying and calling my mom -- I can't really still remember the story without tearing up. And I said to my mom 'I kind of get it.'

If this was a standalone story, I'm not sure I would have found it all that significant. It's wonderful that a girl was able to find confidence in this way, of course, but I'm not sure it really has much to do with Jennifer Lawrence. But here's what she said next:

Sometimes it can seem so pointless, because you're filled with hair and makeup and clothes, and then sometimes, the lives that you can touch without even meaning to. So many wonderful things can come from this, when you have a voice, saying the right things. It takes me 10 minutes to sign a hundred posters that can raise thousands of dollars for charity, and it's so simple.

Now that is a fantastic attitude. I'm sure it's been hard as hell to manage the fame that's come her way since joining the series, but unlike Kristen Stewart, who always seemed to mope and grump her way through every Twilight-related promotion, Lawrence has the gratitude side of things figured out.

I don't think any actor should necessarily feel pressure to wield their power for good (and really, the issue of why their voices have so much influence is another topic altogether), but I love that Lawrence looks for the positive side of her celebrity status. It seems like a perspective that will serve her well as she rides out the Hunger Games fan madness, and one that will hopefully keep her from ever comparing fame to sexual assault the way Kristen Stewart once did:

The photos are so ... I feel like I’m looking at someone being raped. A lot of the time I can’t handle it. It’s fucked. I never expected that this would be my life.

Are you a Jennifer Lawrence fan?

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nonmember avatar TiredMom

Oh, please! So what would you call Kristen's attending the benefit concert for victims of Hurricane Sandy, and the $5,000,000 donated by an Arab prince just for 15 minutes of her time? Kristen has never said that she isn't grateful for what she has! What she hates is being hounded by paparazzi - to a level that has never affected Jennifer Lawrence (I can't think of any other celebrity who has been as hounded as Kristen and Rob, with the exception of Princess Diana). Do you really like perpetuating that myth, or is it just easier to write what you think is popular opinion, rather than actually thinking?

Andrea Beck

This was a ridiculous commentary comparing two different people. How each person reacts to anything is different but doesn't mean one is better than another. Jennifer Lawrence does have very good social skills but that is not anything against Kristen Stewart. Photogs yell horrible things at Kristen Stewart to get her to react. You should be ashaned to write such fluffy drivel.

Chiqui Dyer

Yes, I'm a fan of Jennifer Lawrence, but I like Kristen Stewart, too. Do you have to put down one to make the other look good??

nonmember avatar guest

I also read that JLaw said that she doesn't understand how women are the worst against other women. How they they criticize other women instead of supporting them. I believe she was talking about you. how does the saying go again?....."there is a special place in hell for women who do not support other women". Yep, I think that fits you exactly. Good luck with that.

Fondue Fondue

K-Stew is a B-yotch.

nonmember avatar carly

call me when jen has fans/pap/ and media after her the way Kristen as, you cannot compare them, Kristen has been hunted since the start of the franchise, Jen has a walk in a pary

nonmember avatar Mina

This is so sexist. And the dumb thing is if you are going to talk about anyone being ungrateful, it's RPattz who bitched about Twilight so much Buzzfeed even did an article about his complaining...he made Kstew's sulking look minor league

Hilda Aslanian Gourdikian

Wow! What a crappy article! I guess you didnt do your reserch well or are up Jen  laws ass,so high you're delirious! Kristen spends hours signing autographs , and you must of missed Oprah when she gave that young girl the Bella ring from twilight and made her cry . It was a very heartfelt moment , so if you're gonna compare I'd advise be realistic rather than a fan girl for Jen law lol!

Diana Clark

Please this is stupid.... lol. Most things posted in here isnt true anyways. I would say none of it. Just people talking about people they really dont know anything about except whats public anyways. People with filthy mouths should learn to wash it out. Cant a conversation be had without cursing...

nonmember avatar FanOfBoth

I am a fan of BOTH. But I suspect the writer had to put an anti-Stewart reference in the headline to gather hits, when it's really as simple as: Jennifer is an extrovert/beauty queen and Kristen is an introvert/hipster. Even Kristen acknowledges that she comes off differently due to her shyness (& IMO the fact that has had much more scrutiny of her personal life.) Perhaps the media & bloggers will actually watch & enjoy their performances - especially their indie films - & stop comparing their off-screen personalities. Vive la difference! And...when are you going to write something snarky comparing Rob Pattinson & Nicholas Hoult?

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