'Teen Mom 3' Recap: Josh Loses It on Mackenzie in Front of Gannon

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Teen Mom Josh McKeeIt's always the quiet ones they tell you to watch out for, isn't it? If you've been watching Teen Mom 3 this season, you know that Josh McKee has been sometimes painfully quiet, especially when Mackenzie Douthit has most needed him to speak up. That changed big time on the Teen Mom 3 finale!

The rage that's been hiding beneath Josh's disinterested exterior came bubbling out. Goodbye laid-back cowboy. Hello pissed off boyfriend!

The blow-up happened on the way to what was supposed to be Mackenzie and Josh's first session with a counselor -- made at her request (of course). You could tell things were not going to go well when Mackenzie settles into the truck, and Josh's first words were him telling her he didn't want to go.

Driving along (neither of them seeming to be sporting seat belts, I might add), they quickly get into a fight about the radio, which devolves into a battle over whether Josh tries hard enough in the relationship.

Mackenzie makes a lot of good points. Josh may have a hard time opening up about his feelings; plenty of people do. But he barely even talks to her! He seems to communicate with a lot of grunts.

She does come off as a bit of a nag as the fight goes on, but who can blame her? She's been hitting her head up against the same wall over and over, and she isn't getting anywhere. Make that wasn't getting anywhere until Josh finally let go and actually started yelling. When his cellphone goes off, he gets frantic that she's checking it and tries ripping it of her hands, the truck swerving all over the road (and Gannon is in the backseat!). Then he tries to kick Mackenzie out of the truck!

She refuses to get out and be stranded (good for her), so he pulls over and gets out himself! 

The fight was pretty epic, and I'm thinking we all need to write letters to beg MTV to give us a season 2 because I have to know how a couple can go from that screwed up to happily married and expecting a second baby.

Something BIG had to have happened!

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There were some big doings for the other girls tonight too. Alex Sekella found out her high school wants her to redo her entire senior year. Feeling sorry for her and recognizing that she's been working her tail off, Alex's mom decides to spring for a family vacation in Bermuda, including little Arabella who -- it ends up -- is even cuter splashing in the water. When they get back to Pennsylvania, Matt McCann calls and wants to get together, but he bails on them ... once again.

Katie Yeager got some out-of-town time too, to celebrate Molli's birthday. Her ex-fiance Joey Maes even joined them, and they had an actual successful day of co-parenting. It's probably not going to be smooth sailing from here, but at least they're trying.

Briana DeJesus and her mom make nice with Devoin, inviting him to little Nova's first birthday party. Not only does he bring a big box of diapers, but he actually helps set up for the party and gets involved. Maybe someone's seeing what he's been missing by not being there for his daughter?

All these unanswered questions should make for some interesting discussions with Dr. Drew next week!

Have you been expecting Josh to blow up at Mackenzie one of these days? What do you think was on his phone?


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AliPa... AliParker

No one should feel bad for Mackenzie. Being with that guy is a choice, she chooses to be with him. She knows he has the emotion of a rock but follows him around anyway. He is no prize. But she is definitely no prize. She is the one on the show that never grew up. She is still a 16 year old girl. You don't have that option after you have a baby.

Katie is a spoiled selfish brat. I can't stand anything about her. She could not be more ungrateful if she tried.

Brianna and her mom "let" nova's dad come be a part of HIS daughters birthday. Are these idiots kidding? I say it every time I comment on teen mom 3 and believe it even more now than ever, Roxanne has damaged her daughters so far with drilling into their heads how horrible men are. He doesn't come around because they are psycho bitches! Would Brianna want to go sit on Devon's couch and visit her daughter while Devon, and his brother, AND his dad or mom sat there and yelled at her and stared her down?! Hell no. Maybe if Brianna would actually leave the living room for once in her life and let him visit his daughter in peace I bet that he would come around more. Or here is an idea let him take his daughter for a few hours.

It's like watching a train wreck.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I dont keep up with this how, but whenever I see That Douthitt girl's name come up I have a giggle. She named her son Gannon... Makes me think of Ganondorf from the Legend of Zelda games..

nonmember avatar mel

I don't watch this particularly... because it's too heartbreaking to see them all so lost and creating hurtful experiences along the way. I think he has to be doing some sh#t behind her back for him to freak about the phone. That's the only time men freak about the phone, if there is something on there they don't want others to see. I think they got married and he still keeps things from her and she just wants to live in the not knowing. I've been in a similar situation and I said if you don't give me that phone and let me see what's on it I'm done with you NOW. He handed over that phone and I found not good things on it.

Jai Hutto

mel, I could not agree with you more about the phone! People don't freak out about the phone unless there's something on there that will get them into big trouble. Not to mention the fact that he almost flew off the road trying to take it from her...maybe he's cheating with a dude? lol...whatever it was enough to risk injuring their child if he wrecked to get that phone back.

nonmember avatar Vanessa Miller

I cant stand Mackenzie, she is so clingy, so needy . If i had a choice between dating a Zombie and Josh , i would date the Zombie. Josh shows no emotions, never says more than 2 sentences, he acts like a living Dead. Now they are married and with another kid on the way, way to go Losers .

nonmember avatar kaitlyn

first of why talk shit about kenzie and josh they are happy together every one has their fights and bad moments and to talk about anyone else is messed up.

nonmember avatar HANNAH


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