Celebrity Hookup Service Lets Mere Mortals Bask in Stars' Presence


So you know how sometimes you're just sitting at your desk at work or stuck in traffic or loading the dishwasher -- you know, doing some mundane, normal person-type chore -- and you think to yourself, If only I were hanging out with Shakira right now. Well, now you CAN ditch your drab, dull existence (temporarily, at least) to hob knob with the rich & famous. It's all thanks to the website IfOnly.com, which "exists to enable rare experiences and connections" between fans and celebs, for the benefit of "worthy causes." So basically, via this network, regular folk can fork over their hard-earned cash to, say, have lunch with their favorite celeb (LOTS of cash) or buy a signed guitar pick or a personalized direct Tweet (LESS cash), and some of the proceeds will go to a charity of that celebrity's choice. Sounds good, if weird, right? But wait! Don't make dinner reservations for you and Alexander Skarsgard just yet (I hear he likes Thai food!). There's a catch (or two).


While IfOnly claims to "connect fans with personalities across the worlds of entertainment, sports, food, wine, golf, and more, including Madonna, Bruno Mars, Shakira, Kobe Bryant, Joe Montana, chef Tyler Florence, and legendary golfers Greg Norman and Sir Nick Faldo, just to name a few," not all of those celebs currently have "experiences" for sale on the website. And chances are, even if they were, you wouldn't be able to afford an afternoon in their company. Here's a list of experiences currently for sale, along with their prices, from most to least expensive:

1. VIP ringside experience with Mike Tyson = $78,600

2. Spend the day with Sugar Ray Leonard = $71,450

3. Lunch with Shakira = $15,000

4. Ultimate concert experience (including meet and greet) with Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind = $2,500

5. Bruno Mars hand-signed Fender Squier guitar = $1,800

6. Meet and greet with Chris Cornell (of Soundgarden) during solo acoustic tour = $850

7. Train hand-signed ukulele = $700

8. Stephan Jenkins hand-signed guitar pick = $35

Jeez, I feel kind of bad for Chris Cornell, don't you?? Not like anybody's paying almost $1K to meet and greet me, but still. It's creepy how putting a price on a human being's time makes you rethink their value as a person. (I mean, it doesn't, but it could.) And it's a good thing that the money is going to charity, because if it wasn't, this whole thing would be a major, major rip-off. 

Would you buy any of these celeb "experiences"?


Image via oouinouin/Flickr

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