Katy Perry's New Bling Looks an Awful Lot Like an Engagement Ring (PHOTO)

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Katy Perry at MTV European Music AwardsAfter weeks of speculation as to when "Roar" singer Katy Perry and hunky boyfriend John Mayer were going to get engaged, it seems like the duo may have taken the next step. Although there's no word from Perry's camp, Katy's wearing a diamond ring on her ring finger at the MTV European Music Awards (EMAs) in Amsterdam. The singer sported the finger bling (right) on the red carpet along with a structured silver dress that just screams Mad Men.

This comes just days after a source told E! News that Katy and John's engagement is inevitable and labeled their relationship as "very serious." I'm TRYING not to jump the gun here, but I really hope that the ring isn't just a little publicity stunt. Come on, Katy and John are perfect together!

I will say this: the ring Katy's rockin' is really understated. I mean sure her and John seem like a low maintenance, reserved couple, but Katy's ring from ex-husband Russell Brand was much, much bigger.Of course it's always possible that she just slipped the sparkly number on the wrong finger, but let's be real here -- she knows what she's doing.

But back to John and Katy's relationship. There's no doubting that the two of them have been great for each other. I mean the second Mayer started dating the "Roar" singer it's as if he became a better man. A man who is much more calm, who doesn't say rude things about ex-girlfriends, who enjoys spending quiet time in his Montana home. As a huge fan of  both Perry and Mayer's music, I wish the happy couple all the best in the years to come.

Are you a fan of Katy and John together? What celebrity engagement have you been most excited about in the past?


Image via Ian Gavan/ Getty

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Elaine Cox

marrying a player?   no..katy..no.....and speaking of no..will stir do a mea culpa on the red lobster waitress they blew up last month..how she was called the n word on a receipt and then got ten grand in donations...well guess what..it was a fake...come on stir..step up

flood... flood1971

Elaine, where did you go? Let's talk about this article. John Mayer is the most boring musician in the world and a bit if a slut. With him its 'til another vagina us do part'. Shudder. Why is he famous again?

Momm2... Momm2threeboyz

I love them together! Hopefully it all works out.


The ring is beyond understated, you can't even see it in this photo. I  had to click on the link to get a look at it.

Erin Butcher

ugh, John Mayer?  He is disgusting and whenever i hear him sing i want to ram a fork in my brain. 

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