Ben Affleck Caught Breaking Law to Get a Cup of Coffee

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ben affleck jennifer garnerBen Affleck and Jennifer Garner went out to get a cup of coffee. Okay, seems mundane enough. But it appears that our newest Batman thought he was above the law.

While outside a Brentwood, California, Starbucks Ben and Jen parked illegally, apparently because they needed their coffee so bad they didn't have time to find a parking spot so they left their Lexus in a yellow zone that is only supposed to be for loading and unloading. Oopsie. Ben got in trouble.

A parking enforcement officer spotted the fancy wheels where they don't belong and issued Ben a ticket. The couple reportedly emerged from Starbucks just when the cop was writing out the summons. Of course, if Ben pays the $58 it cost for breaking the law, no court appearance necessary. But imagine if he doesn't? How awesome would it be if you too broke the law and had to appear in traffic court on the same day as Ben Affleck? Best ticket you ever got!

Sure this made their caffeine stop quite expensive. But what's $58 for Ben Affleck? Small change. Oh Ben ... such a rebel.

Admit it ... have you ever done the same and parked illegally to get a cup of Joe?


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Autum... Autumnleaves87

Why is this even an article. Totally wasted my time. Breaking the law??? Really???

Gary Wolfenbarger

This outstanding piece of investigative journalism is EXACTLY what the "mainstream" is looking for! Mindless fodder, non-stories showcased by misleading, but attention-grabbing headlines. Pulitzer Prize, here we...... well, perhaps NOT! But the shedding of light on these shadowy celebrity miscreants. You know,the ones who feel themselves "above the laws" of us common folks! Murderers of "yellow zone" statutes! What if a taxi needed to load or unload passengers at the same moment that KING AFLECK was ordering his "half caff"? What then? What then indeed, Mr & Mrs Scofflaw? People may have been destined to spend 30 or 40 additional harrowing seconds suffocating in the cloud of funk that is an unbathed, over-cologne'd cab driver! Shame on you Bennifer!
Oh, the humanity!

nonmember avatar Robert Nesbit

How does this person, apparently without access to basic English grammar, much less a spellchecker, get access to a worldwide audience, while I, a qualified, eager, and dedicated Language Arts teacher, am applying tomorrow to see if I am skilled enough to be a driver of bodies for a mortuary? Anybody in Memphis need an English teacher? Anybody anywhere need an English teacher?

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