'Walking Dead' Sneak Peek: 'Internment' Hints at Major Character Death (VIDEO)

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Walking Dead InternmentHere's the intriguing description for this Sunday's Walking Dead: "Assorted enemies pressure Rick and the group; the survivors and the prison may reach a breaking point." Assorted enemies? I'm thinking the death-flu is one enemy, but who are the others?

This episode is titled "Internment," which also stirs up some questions. Wikipedia describes internment as the imprisonment or confinement of people, commonly in large groups, without trial. Does this refer to the sick people within the prison, held behind bars in case they zombify after death?

So many things to consider, and of course there are some juicy teaser videos and ominous photos to review before Sunday's episode. Plus, the possibility of a MAJOR Walking Dead character death (nooooooooo!).

Here's the first promo, which is a lengthy scene between Hershel and the ailing Dr. S:

Oh hey, now we know his first name. Nice to meet you, Caleb! Although it sort of looks like you're not going to be around much longer, based on your disturbing hemorrhagic symptoms and all.

Not everyone gets to live. N stage … is a point where no one comes back from, where they … or they can't. That's where I am.

Here's another promo, which shows infected people -- including Glenn -- getting worse:

That's an interesting line from Rick:

When we get past this thing, it's not going to be like it was … is it?

I wonder if he's referring to something other than the post-traumatic/culled-community obvious. It looks like sick people will be locked away so they don't start killing everyone if/when they reanimate, and maybe they won't be too happy about that.

Finally, here are a few of the photos AMC has released for "Internment":

All right, so what's with the heavy Hershel theme here, dammit? Maybe they're just teasing us, or maybe this episode is going to focus on the role Hershel plays as stand-in doctor and the emotional trauma he'll suffer as a result. Or … maybe he won't survive the episode? There WAS that rumor floating around back in August that Hershel was going to die, based on a supposed cast "death dinner" and some photos of Hershel covered in blood. It actually looks like those images were from this Sunday's episode, unless Hershel has multiple tan-shirt-and-black-overalls outfits. But is the blood from him, or from someone else's sick (or dead) body? We'll just have to wait -- just one more day, thank goodness -- and find out.

Do you think Hershel's going to die in Sunday's episode? Would you be sad?

Image via FX

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angel... angelachristine

I'd be sad but he's old and it's kinda expected. Now I will probably cry if they kill glen though.

MomOf... MomOfTwins789

I would be sad, but better him than Glen!

nonmember avatar bicycle girl

Yeppers. It's old Hershel who bites the dust mañana

nonmember avatar Meghan

As sad as it may be, I think it may be about Hershel's time. I for sure don't see him lasting the season. And he's referred to Dr. S as 'Caleb' a few times now...

I wanna see what going on with Carol, I hope she's not just gone. I'm not digging the flirty vibes between Daryl and Michonne... Anyone remember what happens in the comics between Carol, Michonne and Tyrese? I don't want to see them go that route.

Renah Renah

Can you tell us what happened in the comic books? I've never read them!

chick... chicklopez

im most definate they wont kill glen off. TWD released a promo photo of the main cast celebrating being brought back for a 5th season, the governer, rick, darryl, tyrese, hershel, glenn, maggie, michonne and possibly some others, idr. But carol was definatly not among them. I thought for sure carol would be a virus victim or killed by tyrese for killing his gf. Next episode after the photo's release, and she's told to leave by rick. Obviously she was left out of the photo on purpose, and the photo was set to release right before that episode. so. All in all, I dont think glenn is killed. Im pretty sure we're supposed to sit the whole of season 4 thinking he will die, as he was killed in the comic...but so many comic things are different. (Judith, darryl, Andrea, etc)

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