Jamie Dornan Breaks His Silence After Being Cast as Christian Grey (VIDEO)

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jamie dornanEver since Jamie Dornan became our new Christian Grey, we've been waiting with bated breath to hear what he has to say about the role. Charlie Hunnam had spoken to the press about scoring the gig and his expectations for it just days after the big announcement, so now that over two weeks have gone by since we learned that Jamie is The Man we've all been waiting for, it's sort of strange that he's kept so tight-lipped, amirite?!

Well, now he's finally broken his silence ... sorta. Knowing he now has our full attention, the model-turned-actor recently posted a tweet and video!

Check it out ...

So adorable! And how sweet that Jamie wanted to use his newfound fame to help plug his loved ones' venture. Especially considering that the company is rather new, small, and Belfast, Ireland-based. How lovely of him. But ... what about playing Christian?!

Why won't he talk? Even just say he's excited? Or reply to E.L. James or send her a funny tweet or post an Instagram pic that piques our interest? How lame!

OR ... perhaps he's been told to keep a low-profile. Maybe Universal isn't so keen on him fanning the fires -- of either elation or backlash related to his casting and the film. Maybe they don't want to have to spring for bodyguards for Jamie the way they had to for Charlie. Maybe everything is now super hush-hush since filming's been postponed, and the producers just want to get all of their ducks in a row before their leading man starts squawking about the flick on Twitter?

All possible explanations that are fair enough. But as heartwarming as that ad and his sharing of it was, let's hope it's not too much longer before he starts talking Fifty Shades!

Why do you think Jamie hasn't spoken out yet?


Image via Jamie Dornan/Instagram

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grous... grousseau

He is probably staying quite because the fans went crazy when the last actor was to play the part.

ShayL... ShayLayne

He is probably extremely busy. I mean don't they start shooting December 2nd? He has to learn to channel this character & learn the script. & I agree with grousseau^ .

funmo... funmommy123

Won't be watxhing it since charlie Hannum won't be in it. I didn't really like the book, but was gling to watch it if charlie was in it.

Momm2... Momm2threeboyz

Agree with fun mommy! Blyuck! Won't be wasting my time..

Racheal Miralda

noooooo! he is no christian grey.. dang!

nonmember avatar Ross

If they don't bring back

Charlie..,no movie 4 me

Have u seen his pics. Perfect


sara_... sara_3388

He is NOT what I pictured as Christian. Not sure if I'll be seeing the movie now.

Priscilla Garcia

I was against watching the movie if Charlie was CG now I will definitely watch it..

Chanel Garrett

you people obviously don't have any good taste. Henry caville is waaaay more hotter than Charlie hes just freaking fugly lol

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