'RHOBH' Star May Finally Be Done With the Drama

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Lisa VanderpumpFrom New York and New Jersey to the hills of Orange County, there have been tons of Real Housewives stars that have come and gone from the franchise. But I'll be honest -- none of the departures have bothered me as much as the one I'm about to loop you in on. Apparently the one and only Lisa Vanderpump is trying to quit Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The 53-year-old British sensation is reportedly "miserable," and not only does Adrienne Maloof hate her, but so do the Richards sisters. And as if that's not enough, she's also not getting along with "the third member of her marriage," Brandi Glanville. Wow, seems like everything's coming up BUT roses over in California.

No word yet about what happens with Vanderpump Rules if Lisa quits the Housewives franchise, but I for one am hoping this lady keeps some sort of presence on reality television. Come on, she's epically hilarious!

Aside from being funny, I've just always thought that Lisa was a great Housewives cast member for so many other reasons. She's just always seemed to have her ducks in a row: she's a fabulous mom to Pandora and Max, has an awesome relationship with her husband Ken (confession: I cried watching Lisa and Ken renew their vows), and she's an entrepreneur. Oh, and that British accent is the cherry on top of the favorite Housewife sundae, mostly because I wish I used half of the words she did on an everyday basis. Needless to say -- RHOBH would be totally different without her.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, though. On the contrary to all these rumors, Lisa claims she's not leaving. She told E! that there's "nothing to quit right now" since they aren't currently filming. And get this, the Housewives star says that if she quits, we'll all hear the words straight from her.

All right Lisa, our ears are open!

Would you be upset if Lisa left RHOBH? Who would you like to see leave the show?


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nonmember avatar Deborah Taylor

No I do not want her to go she is the Show!!!!

nonmember avatar Caitlin

there is no rhbh without Lisa the rest of them are fake and obnoxious!

nonmember avatar Joy

Lisa should stay, but Kyle and Kim need to go. Soooooooooooo bored with the Richards sisters entitled attitudes.

Barbara Fanderlik Adams

I agree with Joy.  Lisa is the better one.  I am tired of Kim and her problems and her over compastating I wonder if she knows there is a fine line between being assertive and being  B____ hie.  And Kyle just thinks the gournd should worship her footsteps.

Kelly Lewis

I would not be upset at all if Lisa left.  She's been on long enough for us to see what she is really all about. Her way or the highway. She's condescending and thinks she is superior to all her cast mates. If she can't help you like you are a wounded little bird she has no use for you.  Stayed too long Lisa we've seen the real you.


Jan Browne Crisostomo

I love Lisa...she is classy in my book, and I would hate to see her go.

JaneD... JaneDoh57

I kinda expected it to be Lisa without even opening the post....I'm only surprised she would leave the franchise as Vanderpump Rules is still a fairly new show. Tired of the Richards sisters. Both were child stars. Sometimes its time to retire. I only watch to see Kims next relapse. Sad but everyone knows she will!!

RoxStetz RoxStetz

I wish Kim and Kyle would leave.  Kyle is obnoxious, and I think Kim has already relapsed.  

Luann Mannino

I love Lisa.. she leaves I leave!!!!

Helen Bantis

she is the only one worth watching, if there is  no Lisa there is no show.

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