First Look at 'Sound of Music' Remake Is Seriously Nerve-Wracking (VIDEO)

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Sound of MusicHave you heard about The Sound of Music Live! special that's airing on NBC in December? I feel like the more I learn about it, the more confused/intrigued/worried I get. It's starring Carrie Underwood? And Stephen Moyer, AKA Beel from True Blood? It's seriously going to be a live performance? And it's THREE HOURS LONG?

There are a lot of seemingly random variables happening here is all I'm saying. Based on the new promo clip for the special, though, so far everyone's looking and sounding pretty good. The clip includes Underwood singing both "My Favorite Things" and "The Sound of Music," and we get a look at Moyer as the dashing Captain von Trapp.

Still, I'm not sure I'll have the stamina to tune in for all three hours. For one thing: gah, all that singing. For another thing: MY NERVES CAN'T TAKE IT.

I can barely stand to watch ice skaters perform live for fear they'll biff their triple axel, so the idea of watching these guys take on the classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical as an incredibly lengthy live televised event makes me want to bite all my fingernails off. A lot can happen in three hours, you know? Underwood could hit a flat note during that earwormy "Do-Re-Mi"! Moyer could forget where he is and start smoldering and saying, "SOOKEH." One of those adorable blonde children could forget a line or succumb to an anxiety-barf onstage!

Anyway, I'm sure they'll all do fine. THEY'LL BE FINE, RIGHT? Just look at how cheerful and confident everyone is:

Of course, they probably shot each scene in that clip like 57 times to make it look like a live rehearsal.

One thing to know about the NBC event is that it's based on the 1959 stage version, and not the film. So you're not supposed to go comparing Carrie Underwood to Julie Andrews or Steven Moyer to Christopher Plummer, as if it's even humanly possible NOT to. Hey, no pressure guys, just make sure you deliver an amazing live performance that's so good we aren't tempted to point out how hard it is for modern entertainers to live up to deeply iconic and nostalgic roles! But you'll be fiiiiiiiiiiiine.

What are you thinking about this Sound of Music remake? Will you be watching when it airs on December 5?

Image via NBC

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nonmember avatar S.Smith

So they aren't smart enough to come up with a new movie they have to take a classic and ruin it?!?!?

flood... flood1971

I m sure everyone is going to hate me for this, but when I was 8 years old I saw the first 15 minutes of the 'iconic' film, which was traumatizing in its awfulness. Then in my mid twenties a friend made me watch the whole thing. Still traumatizing. I know most people love it, but what a wretched thing it is. To do this thing over? I would rather have a root canal without anesthetic, no offense.

Andre... Andreamom001

So, they are doing a live performance of a musical play on tv, like the play has been preformed live a gazillion times on stages all around the world...and this is worrisome why?

Actors know how to deal with the unexpected like forgotten lines or whatever.  Have you never been to a theater performance?  They aren't taped ahead, you know...plays and musicals are all done LIVE with real people acting and singing.  Before tv and movies, that's how all performances were done...  ??

casti... castinghub

It looks like it'll be great, it's like a televised musical

nonmember avatar Julie

I'm having a hate party that day, in which we will watch the "real" sound of music, and then this televised thing, and hate on it. You just can't remake Julie Andrews!!

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