Friend Spills That Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Are Meeting Soon

robstenI'm starting to wonder about Kristen Stewart's and Robert Pattinson's friends, you guys. It seems like every morning when I switched on the ol' laptop, I'm assaulted with very intimate pieces of information on the pair that a "friend" let slip. Who do these two hang out with?!

Anyway, I'm not complaining. Because if it weren't for Kristen and Rob's crap friends, we'd have no idea where and when the next Robsten meeting is going to take place. (We could show up if we wanted to!)

For the record, though, they ought to think about getting some new friends.

A "source close to Kristen" said that as soon as Kristen returns to Los Angeles from New York, where she's currently shooting a movie, the couple are going to have a rendezvous. "Kristen and Rob have been in constant communication since she’s been in New York," the source said. "They speak on the phone almost every day and also send each other texts and photos. No doubt, they will see each other as soon as she gets back. She’s expected to come back soon -- any day." Sheesh, why don't you just give out her address and Social Security number while you're at it, "friend"?

Okay, fine, it's not like super specific details have been released, but what person who's close enough with Kristen to know she's texting with Rob tells this to the press? I mean, there's no way any of the things we hear about them are made up, right, guys? It's all true! Every last word. Please don't tell me otherwise or I won't know what to believe in this world.

The silver lining, though, is that Rob and Kristen really do seem to be getting back together, slowly but surely. They took their break and then came to their senses, like we knew they would.

But seriously, guys, get a new crew to hang with.

Do you believe everything you read about Robsten to be true?

Image via Carlos Alvarez/Getty

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nonmember avatar Charlotte

I do think its true cuaze iv heard something like that on E! News that they might be getting back togethe,and I do believe it!

Marilyn Mel

No absolutely not !! , some of it sounds like it could be true .

Valeriya Abrahamova's all has a sign of big Nonsense-Rubbish for Idiots who still want them to be together,...if they want it , it will happen without our prayers,, keep calm, & live your own life,...i'm sure they will find the way of sorting out their problems,...we are not baby-sitter are we?....

Rita Curry

 At this point who really knows whats up with them. If they go back together, or not is their business, not ours. Regardless what they do, or how we feel about it, the world will keep turning, and wont stop. It doesn't care one way or the other. Why should we?

KadiC KadiC

No. Of course not.

Helen Roberts

Not everything but I do believe they will get back together how could they not they are so in love with each other.I hope people leave them alone so then can get on with their lives.

 I wish them all the luck in the world they say when you find your sole mate you should not let them go.

   All the very best Helen xxxxxxx

Rhoevie Artajo

if they're back together its nobody business so just leave alone people

nonmember avatar Mandimoos

I do hope they make a go of it, kristen does not seem to want to even look for anyone else. And rob well he just can say hi to a woman before it's out that he is dating them,,,, the do look good together and seem sp perfect. If you look at his and her profile and there likes not likes. They are such a match,,,,, let's just go a step further. They will have beautiful kids together. I WISH THEM WELL XXxxoo

nonmember avatar em

yes!!!! what r these lies about Dylan? I dont believe them one bit. I am all for kristen and rob to get back together!!!!!!!LOVE U GUYS

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