Scott Disick Tragically Loses His Mother

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Bonnie Disick Kourtney KardashianUnfortunately there's some very sad Kardashian news to report today. Scott Disick's mom, Bonnie, passed away last week at the age of 63. Apparently she'd been battling illness for quite some time, though no other details have been released.

And without anyone knowing, Scott and Kourtney traveled to his hometown on Long Island for the wake on October 30. (Ahh. So that's what they were spotted in the city this week. So sad.)

As you can imagine, a source says that Scott is "devastated" over losing his mom. He/she added, "Scott and Kourtney traveled from Los Angeles to Long Island for Bonnie's funeral. It was a small affair. There was just a handful of people. No other Kardashians beyond Kourtney attended. But the entire family is saddened with the news of Bonnie's passing. They loved her so much."

It's awful to lose a parent at any age, but considering he's only 30, it's probably not something he expected to face until he was much older.

And as awful and tragic as this news is, maybe it will help Scott realize just how important family is and how we can't take our loved ones for granted. He seems to go in and out as far as having his priorities in line, so maybe losing someone so dear to him will remind him of just how blessed he is to have a loving girlfriend and two beautiful children.

Ugh. Poor Scott. He has my deepest sympathy for sure.

What condolences would you offer to Scott and his family?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Cooks... Cookster792

Do not take Kourtney for granted. Life is too short and passes quickly. Spend as much time with your children as possible.  When they are older they will want to be with their friends. I am an only child like Scott. Both of my parents are gone. Believe me I do know what he is going through. My thoughts and prayers are with him.

Sheri Anne

My thoughts and prayers are with Scott and the rest of the Disick family.
I can imagine how hard this is on you Scott. I am 46 years old and my Mom passed away when I was only 20 years old. I did not think I would make it one more day..
My deepest condolences go out to you and your family.

Sheila Duncan


hopea... hopealways4019

I lost my mom when i was 38, my son when i was 39. Its not impossible to love those who hold a special place in your heart too much. Dont forget to hug, kiss tell , each one what they mean too you. Because tomorrow might be too late, the sun may never rise. My condolences.

Angel Anne Martin

So very SAD for your family Scott. You are never ready to loose a family member no matter who they are and their age! Hopefully you got to spend some quality time over the years with your Mom. 63 is such a young age! God bless you & your family!

Amanda Walsh

Sorry for your loss!!!!

Lorene Williams

i am sorry for u'r lose i to lost my mom at the same age as u'r mom 15 years ago i understand u'r pain my friend still right to this day i think about her wishing i could have her back one more day , i will keep u in my prayers my GOD be with u & u'r Family

nonmember avatar Elizabeth zarco

I lost my mom at 21 n I'm 30 n to this day it still hurts n I cry R.I.P to your mom

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