Amber Portwood & Gary Shirley Are Playing Nice for Now

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Amber PortwoodWhen I heard that Amber Portwood had been released early from prison because of her good behavior, I was skeptical. I was also totally impressed. When I think of someone behaving well, she doesn't usually flash across my radar as a stellar example. What could have caused her change of heart? Maybe the prison food has mellowed her.

Of course I was holding my breath and waiting for the woman to snap. But that is only because I really, really want a Teen Mom and Snapped cross-over episode. Obviously it should go without saying that this in no way means I wish anybody to be murdered for my own amusement, clear? All that said, color me impressed (and chagrined) to announce that a cross-over doesn't seem likely. Amber's changed her stripes for good, or so it would seem. She's even WILLINGLY HANGING OUT WITH GARY SHIRLEY.

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It seems like our favorite pair of completely destructive garbage people have rallied in the name of baby girl Leah. True story! Gary was recently pictured taking the little lady off to school like a good dad. (Sidebar: Leah looks like an adorable clone of her mother.) It's almost like all those rough and rocky days with his former one-true-love Amber are well and truly behind him.

More proof that they're putting Leah first? The totally-not-a-couple was photographed leaving a restaurant together with Leah in tow. And no one was bleeding! I'm not saying that I think they're back together -- in fact, they were both super clear that there's no way in sweet hell that's ever happening -- but they were being ... civil. WHO ARE YOU GUYS AND WHERE ARE GARY AND AMBER? Amber seems to have really made a change for the good in her life. Viva la constructive co-parenting.

Do you think all this good behavior on Amber's part will last?


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Ellen Gillam

She has only been out of jail less than a week. Lets go back and look at see how she is in a couple of months. Jail should change you. More than anything I hope she is a great mom out of all of this.

Amy Adams

People need to stop Judging her and let her prove her self. She has made a few mistakes but atleast to Leah she was always a good mom. People keep Giving that train wrech Jenelle every chance to change even after reporting that she has changed then two days later be back in jail. If anyone needs prison to wake up it's Jenelle. She would die without men attention prob have all the male Guard's up her ass since she needs one there. Prob have her friends update twitter with the fueads she having with every girl there and when she fights with her 10 guard boy friends.

Mommy... Mommyfreckles

She is young and still has plenty of time to change her life around. I hope she has seen the light and will change for her baby girl. I think she's just a person who was young and still finding herself and she has paid a great price for it. I honestly thought 5 years was way too much anyways. That's how our tax dollars are wasted. What she needed was to be in a treatment facility for a year and then released.

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