Catherine Giudici's Wedding Countdown Is Totally Selfish


Catherine Giudici

Aww. Well isn't that sweet. She's so freakin' ecstatic about getting hitched on January 26, 2014 that Catherine Giudici couldn't resist sharing this sweet photo of her kissing Sean Lowe in a pic that was taken at their proposal.

She captioned the image with, "Mrs. Sean Lowe in 80 days. #countdownlowedown."

Wow. That's it? We only have to wait 80 more days for Sean and Catherine's TV wedding? Please excuse me while I make a mental note to set my DVR.

But while it's perfectly understandable for Catherine to be excited about her wedding (because most brides hopefully are) -- I think we all know what's really going on here.

There's really no polite way of putting it. She's counting down the days until she finally gets laid. I mean ... damn. That girl must be chomping at the bit to get busy between the sheets. She'll probably wind up checking the clock every 10 minutes during the wedding reception to see how much longer she has before heading to the fantasy suite.

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Wouldn't you be a little bit anxious to say "I do" if you hadn't had sex in like ... almost a year? No wonder she's kissing a picture of Sean -- she's not gettin' much more than that in real life, so she has to take the action any which way she can! (Ok, so I know there are "other" things you can do besides sex. But still.)

It's definitely honorable that Sean has been so insistent on "saving himself" for marriage -- but I think we're all going to be relieved for both him and Catherine when the wedding is finally over and the lights go out. 

Oh come on -- like everyone watching their wedding won't be giggling about them sealing the deal? (You know you'll be talking about it.)

What were you most excited about before your wedding, other than saying your vows?


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nonmember avatar Amy

Wow. Or maybe she's excited for her wedding? You're way too judgmental towards Catherine and Sean. Its not selfish that she's excited to get married. This was probably the most negative article on this site. Rude.

nonmember avatar sst

You are so ugly,you need sentimentalization,to keep your job.Do you think all they are doing is holding hands and kissing,of course you don/t, and we allll know better. Go bac under your rock and stay there.

WB18 WB18

This was mean.  I'm really disappointed that a website geared towards women would be so catty to publish a story in this light. What a horrible example to set for the rest of us. 

Ally Swarrow

I don't even know who Catherine Giudici is, and I had to read this article. I'm thinking "how can a wedding countdown be selfish?" This is incredibly bitchy. Looks like someone is jealous. And I agree with WB18. Maybe Catherine is excited to get in bed with the guy, but maybe she also wants to be his wife. Don't be so judgemental. This whole article is one big bitch fest, and is very disappointing.

Mary Lynn Noonan-Toschi

Ally Swarrow said it succinctly and perfectly.  I am 100% in agreement.  This article reeks of jealousy.  Get over yourself.  This is Catherine's big day. Let her enjoy it.  

nonmember avatar ashley

ewww this was totally rude! my husband and i waited to have sex and i am HAPPY we did! and YOU BET I WAS COUNTING DOWN AND IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT! ughhhh...... not every girl jumps into bed with any guy at any time! there are still those with morals.

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