Bethenny Frankel Calls 'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham's Bluff

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farrah abraham on bethennyYou probably heard about how late last month, after her appearance on Bethenny Frankel's talk show aired, Teen Mom-turned-porn star Farrah Abraham launched a verbal attack on the talk show host, and it was anything but pretty. It was also completely strange, because leading up to the airing of the show, Farrah seemed perfectly happy with her experience on Bethenny. But because Controversy is Farrah's new middle name, she turned on a dime, spewing about her experience on the show.

While Bethenny had no obligation to weigh in, she did address the brouhaha today when we got to catch up with her during a special Q&A after one of her tapings.

When asked by Wetpaint if she had spoken to Farrah since the taping of the show, Bethenny confirmed she had not, elaborating:

[I like to] have a conversation with someone that I think will show a different side [of them] or a different conversation, and reflect human behavior, but a lot of those people are controversial for a reason, and they like to be controversial. So the minute that they leave, they start leaking press items to make it live longer, because that's what their brand is, being controversial, and continuing to do that. Another type of guest isn't going to do that.

Bethenny then clarified that only certain celebs are obviously zeroed in on stirring things up:

It's really the people that are known for being controversial, there's a reason for it, and they leave, and they kind of plant seeds, so they will grow to make it 15 or 16 minutes. And it's okay. I get something out of it, I guess they get something out of it. It is what it is.

Love her cool, collected 'tude and obvious business savvy. Seriously, why shouldn't she feel that way? With an awesome new talk show and the super-successful Skinnygirl brand (shapewear, food, drinks, wine -- the works!), etc., Bethenny doesn't have the time or need to dwell on the drama that someone like Farrah is drumming up to keep her name in the news. Really, she has so much to be positive about and focus on that there's really no room for nonsense. And that's just one of the reasons she's worth paying attention to, while "people that are known for being controversial" are not.

What do you think about Bethenny's response to the Farrah controversy?



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Rosanne Krisanda

i love bethenney...she knoiws whats is going on at all times and can cope..

tammy... tammyhunt11

Her repsonse was spot on. She tells it like it is.

Judy Gee Frazier

Betheney is cool & collected. She handles herself well unlike Farrah & Omarosa both publicity whores.


Jackie Primavera

Love Bethrnry,shes cool and calm and the voice of reason!


nonmember avatar thisisweird

"And that's just one of the reasons she's worth paying attention to, while "people that are known for being controversial" are not."

Then why do you all keep running stories on this website about Farrah Abraham? If her only outlet is creating controversy for people to talking about, why is The Stir supporting her by writing about her?

Typically people who are deemed 'not worthy of attention' don't get..well..attention

Paula Flores

a classy comment from a classy lady, love u Bethany !!

Jan Marie Marcotte

I think Bethany is right on about Farrah. Farrah has more than exceeded her fifteen minutes and she should be all done. Why are people still interested? If folks would stop giving her attetion then we could all move on to more interesting and intelligent young mothers like Bethany.

Amanda Stokes

I think Dr. Phil handled Farrah the best but he's a hard act to follow lol ... Bethenny did a great job of handling her (she should spend more time in grammar classes and less time "accidentally" leaking porn videos), and Omorosa (insipid bully needs to just stfu) and Martha Stewart (so arrogant for being a convicted felon just saying).

Mary Kopan Reich

Bethenny gave "Teen Mom" every opportunity during the show to express her opinion about her treatment when she asked her if she was okay after a particularly harsh question by an audience member.  Bethenny said she did not want her guest to feel like she was being "attacked" but the purpose of having her appear on the show was to open up discussion and dialogue about topics we many not all agree upon.  I love her show!!  It is a "talk" show in it's truest form.  She hits on a wide range of topics of importance to women and uses many different formats to do so.  Her show is not like all the rest and I wish her so much luck and hope her show succeeds.  I can't wait to tune in each day!

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