'Glee' Recap: Adam Lambert Saves the Day

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Adam Lambert GleeGlee came back for the first episode after the tribute to Finn, and it's like nothing happened. Rachel's on Broadway. Santana's in a happy relationship. And Kurt is starting a band with the one and only Adam Lambert!

Well, OK, really with a guy named Starchild, who takes the auditions by storm with a version of "Marry the Night" that might be (wait for it) better than Lady Gaga's, and who just happens to be played by Adam Lambert. But same diff, right?

The American Idol alum is here, and he gave Glee just what it needed to push past the trauma of losing Finn:


The episode was dubbed "A Katy or a Gaga" in honor of Mr. Schue's challenge to the New Directions to push themselves out of their comfort zones. He labeled half the crew -- including Blaine, Sam, Marley, Artie, and Ryder -- as Katy Perrys for their optimism and tendency to pick happy pop songs. The others were straight up Gagas.

Each side had to play the other, and of course hijinks ensued, complicated as always by Sue and her Becretary (aka Becky). 

But credit goes to Lambert for coming and shaking the whole thing up. The show needed him now more than ever to take the focus off Rachel's heartbreak and back on good old-fashioned performing.

We're all sad that Cory Monteith is gone, but as they say in the biz, the show must go on. And the Glee we love is about fun dance numbers and epic diva moves a la Gaga and Katy.

Down on the floor humping the sky with his glitter eyeliner, Lambert was the perfect Gaga. But it turns out Starchild is also the perfect Katy -- without the makeup, he's just good old Elliott Gilbert, a kid from Paramus, New Jersey, who wants nothing more than to be in an indie band in New York City. And he has a pretty good "Roar."

What did you think of Adam Lambert's performance? How about the band name: Pamela Lansbury?


Image via Adam Rose/FOX

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Sherrie Richey

Adam is perfect and the injection of joy, beauty, and talent to fit in with these talented kids. Keep him around Glee cast!

zombi... zombiemommy916

He was amazing! And yes, he outdid Gaga!!

Sherry Sullivan

Adam brings so much excitement anytime he appears on a TV show but tonight his GLEE debut was extraordinary and he amazed, shocked and dazzled everyone watching. My twitter feed was so full of newbies tweeting their happiness and excitement about Adam's appearance and how much they want him on every episode now. Not only that but they didn't see him enough on the show tonight.  They wanted him to be on the show the whole hour. Me too. Can't wait for his next episode. I haven't watched Glee in years and now I will start watching again religiously.

Linda Ladden

Adam was the perfect blend of charm, talent and fabulousness, both as Eliott and Starchild... GREAT Glee episode!!

Jenna Gold

Adam was just fantastic, and I agree he was just what the show needed to start on a new path. He's like a lightning rod when he performs, everything intensifies and lights up. That was a stand alone performance to rival any that I've seen on TV.

nonmember avatar fea

I will be a faithful watcher again if Adam remains. I had given up when Rachel went alone to NY and Amber left the show. So glad to see the old energy and joy return along with the addition of charismatic Starchild.

nonmember avatar nance drue

Adam was fabulous! Will watch Glee as long as Adam is on the show! Love him!

Janet Marie Bilicki

We love our guy! I'm a huge Gleek and so excited to see Adam on the show. Now next time we need a duet with Lea Michelle. They would be great together.

nonmember avatar tnaftal

I'll say up front I am an ecstatic Glambert tonite! Being biased I am excited to see how many new Glamberts Adam draws in with his talent & heart.Someone needs to get this boy his own series or variety show.

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