Farrah Abraham Tells How 'Authentic' She Is ... With a Straight Face (VIDEO)

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When you think of Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham, you think "authentic," don't you? Of course you don't. As we all know, there is little of Farrah that is authentic these days. From her boobs to her lips to her nose, Farrah has practically nothing left of her that is authentic. So it's a little strange that she decided to do a "word of the day" video for Keek, and the word was ... authentic.

Take a look at Farrah teaching us this enormously important and BIG (for her) word:

Hellloooo ... I just wanted to say a unique word is ... auth-en-tic ...

That's a unique word, Farrah? Perhaps if you major in culinary management it is? She goes on:

And that means to be gen-u-wyine and re-uhl ... Authentic ... How are you so cool and so real? ... And how you show your realistic emotions ...

Err, realistic emotions? That would mean they seem real, but aren't necessarily. But anyway, go on ...

I think that's like my word of the week ... authentic authentic authentic ... I think I'm authentic because I show my whole life on TV. That's how real I am.

Check it out:

Nov 6, 2013 | #WORDofTheWEEK how do you show your real?! RT @KEEK >Video< by f1abraham on Keek.com

Yeah, I have no idea what she's blathering on about either. At least she didn't say (or try to say) "elaborate." Still, pontificating about the word "authentic" is a bit rich from someone who hasn't admitted she made a porno tape yet.


Image via Farrah Abraham/Keek

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Lucie Searle Maldonado Simerson

 lets hope she grows up soon and wakes up too lol sorry dear but true i hope you get all the help you need to relieze your issues 


Katy Craig

How real exactly are you? Because as far I'm aware, plastic noses, chins, and breasts, are NOT authentic. lol

Cary Lashley

you know im sick and tired of hearing how messed up these girls are and all their problems and yadayada yada well guess what if mtv and other networks would quit putting these people on tv during some of the most critical years of their lives and basically paying them to make a fool of themselves then maybe just maybe they wouldnt be so messed up in the first place but when you are trying to keep your rating up and keep the viewer interested thats the kind of crap you do i mean would you watch a show where there is a young girl sitting at home every day every night feeding the baby and wiping the butt and cleaning puke out of her hair .. no but you would watch a show where a young girl is trying to do all this AND get high...get naked .. date random guys or whatever they are doing but i assume none of you watch this right thats why you care so much about how "real" or not farrah is Well if you wouldn't keep feeding into this crap they wouldnt keep putting it on tv and the web so take it for what it is PUBLICITY and $$$$$

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